Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Final Quarter Feat. Dwayne Foreman Jr.

Dwayne Foreman Jr. had been on the New York basketball scene since my days with Metro Hoops. DJ has played for a few teams and has been a fixture for exposure camps all over the country. This last season he came over the water and suited up for New Jersey’s Trenton Hurricanes. We caught up with DJ Foreman after the Gym Rat Midnight Madness and here’s what he had to say…. This is the Final Quarter!

BS: How did you feel playing in the Gym Rat Midnight Madness?
DF: I enjoyed it because I was able to play against the best players in my class and it gives me a look at where I stand against them.

BS: Last season your squad won the Basketball Spotlight MDC, how was that feeling?
DF: It felt great because it was a serious tournament with all the top teams in the region. So for us to reign supreme says a lot for our team and we have to be mentioned as one of the top programs in the region.

BS: You have played at several exposure camps which do you think was your best experience?
DF: It would have to be when I went to the Midwest Adidas Camp when I was in 6th Grade. That was the farthest I ever went for a camp and I got a lot of exposure.

BS: Speaking of camps you are confirmed for the Elite 80 Expo, what do you expect to gain from that experience?
DF: I’m very excited because all the top players from my class will be there and we get to match-up for whole weekend. I will just use the event to measure my skills and get better.

BS: What NBA player would you compare your game to?
DF: I would say “The Ice Man” George Gervin because I’m a prolific scorer like him.

BS: If you could wake up at any college which one would it be and why?
DF: I would say U Conn because they have so many good players from there, they get you ready for the NBA and I love the basketball atmosphere there.

BS: What part of your game do you need to improve on the most?
DF: My strength and my shooting because right now I get pushed around inside a little too much at times and I don’t shoot enough jump shots. I need to shoot more.

BS: Who’s the best 8th Grader in NY right now?
DF: I would have to say I am one of the better big guards in the city. The other guards are smaller and use their strength to their advantage.

0:00 Ball Game!