Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Diary Of A Baller: Jason Boswell Entry #5

Wassup basketball world. I just came back from a long weekend. My first real game back I played ok. It was my first playoff game in Gauchos Roundball. We played against a scrappy Ron Artest team. We lost by 7. My teammate Jamel Torrence came up from prep school (Rectory) and put in work. He played very well attacked the basket and climbed the big mans chest. He ended the game with about 13pts. I ended the game with 17pts and 4 ast. I played very well in the begining but didn't get the ball very much in the 2nd half. I went 4/4 from the 3pt line. It was a tough lost but I will be back in the gym all week with my father and my Ny Patriots coach. My mom has been watching my health im about 80% but hey Jordan played in the finals with the flu so I just gotta bite the bullet and bare with it.

Well Im out! (Peace)