Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hoop Group Jr. Elite Camp Recap (Philly) Class 2014 and 2015

Mosley Got Heavy Buckets In Philly

The Hoop Group Jr. Elite Regional Camp took place in Philly at Germantown Academy and Basketball Spotlight was in the building. The camp featured some of the top ballers in the Northeast region and really focused on the fundamentals and development. The young players were getting it own in the other gym but that didn’t stop them from going hard. Here’s who made us write in the pad!

Class 2014 and 2015 Report

Anthony Mosley Guard (Dover, DE)- If there was anyone at this event that could guard Mosley than he was invisible because the southpaw scored life we breath. He went coast to coast like he was playing alone and even knocked down a pull up just too show he had one. He was a pure scoring machine.

Anthony Rhem Guard (Philadelphia, PA)- Rhem gets outshined on his AAU team but this time around he took advantage of the stage. The combo guard was able to score anytime he went hard to hole and didn’t have to use his jumper. Anthony will hit the boards when he has the size advantage

Deante Cole Guard (Ewing, NJ)- If your waiting for Cole to fall off get in line because the small lefty knows how to make plays. When I walked into the gym he was nailing a jumper and he kept the aggressive play going all night. Cole can score the rock but looks even better dropping dimes like a snitch.

Rip Engel Guard (Yardley, PA)- Engel played in the older division but still impressed us with his ball handling and contribution. When he got into the lane and made things happen he looked real good but sometimes he relies on the pull up jumper which throws his team out of the offense. Nevertheless I still like what I saw.

Josh Miles Forward (Philadelphia, PA)- When you have soft hands, wide frame and love rebounding you should dominate on this level. Miles did that and more tonight. Josh scored inside like it was unfair and bullied defenders once he caught the rock. What’s really appealing is that he doesn’t play with the ball trying to be a guard.

Steve Jordan Guard (Philadelphia, PA)- Since I saw him at Gym Rat Jordan confidence is soaring. He was everywhere on the floor and when he shoots his jumper he leaves his hand up like he expects it to drop. This swagger had also carried over to his ball handling.

Trevon White Guard (Philadelphia, PA)-White is build like a running back on the floor but he moves defenders like an offensive lineman. White has deceptive speed and maneuvers to the basket well off the bounce. Once he gets past the defender he uses either hand to finish.

Malik Smith Guard (Philadelphia, PA)- Sometimes Malik does over dribble but when can’t anyone stay in front of you it’s a hard habit to break. Smith left defenders in the dust with his speed and multiple crossover moves. He’s always going full speed and has the knack for scoring.