Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Baby Baller Feature: Tyrone Thomas

Grade: 3rd
Favorite Team: Chicago Bulls
Favorite Subject: Math
Height / Weight: 4’5 / 66
Hometown: Baltimore City, MD
Position: Shooting Guard
Favorite Player: Derrick Rose

Tyrone Thomas Video

Tyrone Thomas Jr. was born June 25, 2000. Tyrone started learning the game of basketball at the early age of 4. He and his father Tyrone Thomas Sr. would go to local playgrounds in East Baltimore to work on numerous ball handling drills. It was at the age of 5 when Tyrone known as T.J played for his first basketball team at Chick Webb Recreation Center. T.J played in a host of house leagues. Always a step ahead, at age 6 T.J played on the 8u traveling team. While on the traveling team, T.J earned the reputation as one of the top 6 year olds in Baltimore. There team would then lose the championship to rival Bentlou Bombers from West Baltimore. After a dedicated summer of hard training, which consisted of 200 hundred jump shots per day, several different ball handling drills, defensive drills and lay-ups.

T.J’s game improved so much that the 10u coach put him on his travel team the following season. The season was the season the led Tyrone’s dad meeting coach Donald Toatley, the 8u coach for the D.C Assault AAU Team. Tyrone’s dad has come to learn a lot about training methods from Coach Donald; which has improved T.J’s game. Donovan Toatley, another extraordinary 8u player is the son of Coach Donald he and Tyrone have become very good friends. They share the charisma, dedication and love for the game of basketball. These two young men made an outstanding one two punch during the 8u season; and are preparing for the up coming 9u season. Tyrone loves playing basketball, reading and playing video games. When he’s not working on his game he studying and keeping up his A average. In addition to basketball, Tyrone he also plays running back and safety for The Northwood Rams 7-9 Youth Football Team. Tyrone’s goal is to be one of top players in the country through out his youth basketball career; and graduate from a division one college.