Thursday, October 28, 2021

Diary Of A Baller: Richie Rosa (Pequannock, NJ) Entry #7

Hello to all my friends in the Basketball Spotlight Community 

This week was short not much to bring up but the usual weekly routines. Let's begin with my weekly journey. 

Monday I woke up 6am began with my routine yoga before eating breakfast and getting ready for school. This morning I had a ankle injury that just was bothering me since my game last night. I went to school and worked on my upper body while everyone else was conditioning. Body maintenance was key for me this week. School was great got a lot of assignments fulfilled especially since I was out this past Friday with my high school visits. So since I couldn’t go train I just went home and got a few jump shots up with my little sister on the driveway. Finally I came inside and got ready for video session with my football team. We went over our previous game and followed up with our next opponent coming up. After the video session I went over my assignments from school before calling it a night and going to bed. 

Tuesday I woke up nice and early at 630am I was able to do some meditation in my room before getting ready for school. I ate some oatmeal with fruits and honey for breakfast that was pretty good. Arrive at school and got to it between classwork, workouts and conditioning we definitely put in that work today. Towards the end of the day we learned to make our own sprite drink called alkaline sprite utilizing lemons and limes pretty neat. Afterschool I got home and soaked my foot in a bucket full of ice and cold water. This has been always the quick fix to ankle injuries in our house not ideal but it works. Later on I got ready and went to football practice we went over our defense majority of the night so I was able to stand in observe for the most part. Finally I got home and settled in. I continued going through my high school prep book before going to bed. 

Wednesday my 630am alarm went off, I got up and began my morning with a few new stretches. I ate breakfast and got ready for school. I went to school and felt a lot better than I did yesterday. I took part in my drills after we got into our recovery mode which I was able to ice my ankle. Afterschool I got home and took my little sister and had her work catching and pivoting. She is coming along can’t wait to see her begin her season. Later I got ready for football practice and I utilized an ankle brace it wasn’t the best because I’d rather not have it on but it’s better than reinjuring my ankle. After practice I got home, iced my ankle and settled in to get some much needed rest from the day. 

Thursday I woke up at 630am I did some morning meditation before eating some scrambled eggs and cheese with whole wheat toast before getting ready for school. I went to school and lightly participated in all activities ankle was still healing so that’s why. Class was interesting as always but today especially history. I like how we utilize all the history facts and mix it up in class with history of the game of basketball sounds crazy but it’s not. School went by pretty quick today afterschool I went home and rested before heading to my yoga session since football practice was cancelled. After I got home I immediately showered and went over my high school prep book for my upcoming exam before going to sleep. 

Friday my 630 am alarm went off ankle was feeling at 100 percent tested it before heading to school by jumping around. This let me know I was going to be able to participate at full capacity in school. School is very challenging especially when you have everyone as competitive as me. We always go at it here at school and it carries into the studies as well. Afterschool we had a quick football practice since our game was cancelled due to the team forfeiting we went over our next week’s opponent briefly. I was able to go to our local high school football game and hang out with my friends after practice was cool to get out of the ordinary. After the game I went home and rested for remainder of the week. 

Saturday started off with a well-rested morning since I didn’t have a game I got up and ate a quick breakfast before getting picked up by my Scholars teammate Mason for our HSPT Prep course at St. Peters prep in Jersey City. I had a scheduled workout with D-Lam Training in Wyckoff after the prep course worked on spacing and getting to the basket alternating hands. Today was a great day to catch up with my close friend Sebastian so I was able to go to his birthday party and catch up. 

Sunday began with a great morning breakfast with the whole family before we all went to Six Flags Great Adventure for Fright Fest. There were nineteen of us I think we went pretty deep but to cut it short it was fun and great to be around friends and family not so often as a traveling athlete does this happen often. Haunted houses were cool hope you all get to enjoy it as I was able to. 

Thanks for being a part of my weekly journey hopefully I can entertain you a little more the following week.