Thursday, October 21, 2021

Diary Of A Baller: Richie Rosa (Pequannock, NJ) Entry #6

Hello to all my friends in the Basketball Spotlight Community,

This week was full of great school experiences from the Student Athlete Academy to my visits at St. Peters Prep as a student for a day along with my open house visit at DePaul Catholic with my family. I got to say this school year is somewhat flying and preparing for my new journey has been very exciting. Let's begin with my weekly journey. 

Monday, I woke up 6am began with my routine yoga before eating breakfast and getting ready for school. I Went to school and noticed we had visitors now besides school and the great workouts the benefits of attending here also are moments like this where we get to hear about life lessons that others might want to share with us or have gone thru in their ongoing journeys. This group consisted of Elliot Cadeau, Tahad Pettiford , Watson brothers (Akil and Tarik) and TJ Robison. It was cool having them around for the day especially since they were past alumni of the Academy. After school my dad picked me up and took me right after to work on my jump shot @iybasketball with Kent for an hour. After the session I got home and rode my bike for a few with my little sister. Finally, I came inside and got ready for video session with my football team. We went over our previous game and followed up with our next opponent coming up. After the video session I went over my assignments from school before calling it a night and going to bed. 

Tuesday woke up nice and early at 630am I was able to do some meditation in my room before getting ready for school. I ate some fresh homemade oatmeal for breakfast, so I won’t lack in energy especially at school. When we arrive, we locked in and immediately got to it between classwork, workouts and conditioning we definitely put in that work. Towards the end of the day, we had a presentation by MOGL. If you haven’t had a presentation by them yet I suggest it especially in our basketball community. They empower athletes and businesses to connect for opportunities to monetize their names, image, and likeness while improving the community around them. The presentation went well, and I gained a high understanding of the possibilities in our grasp. Afterschool I got home and soaked in an Epson salt bath routinely. Later on I got ready and went to football practice we went over our defense majority of the night. Finally, I got home and settled in. I continued going through my high school prep book before going to bed. 

Wednesday 630am alarm went off, I got up and began my morning with a few new stretches. I ate breakfast and got ready for school. I went to school and aced my Math and English test. I took part in my drills which had numerous jump shots at each station it felt like 1000 shots no lie, after we got into our recovery day that was a plus. Afterschool I got home and took my little sister out and had her work on her ball handling skills. I enjoy making her get better and having her smile all at the same time. I then got ready for football practice and went. After practice I got home and settled in to get some rest for the next day. 

Thursday, I Woke up at 630am I did some morning meditation before eating some egg whites and whole wheat toast before getting ready for school. I went to school and spoke to my teachers about all my upcoming high school visits it was good talk especially as they are very knowledgeable in dealing with these questions and concerns. School went by pretty quick today as usual we are busy with class and daily workouts. Afterschool I went home and rested before heading to football practice. After practice I got home and settled in. I went to bed early because tomorrow was going to be a very long day in a good way. 

Friday 6 am alarm went off today was starting off with a train ride into Jersey City to do a High school visit at St. Peter’s Prep. This was my first time on the train I definitely enjoyed the trip. I was scheduled to shadow a freshman for the day. My dad came with me on the train, and he ended up going back same way so he would be able to pick me up in his car later on in the day. The experience went well I met a lot of great teachers and also some of the athletic coaches which work at the school as well. After school I was able to hangout in the gym and watch some of the varsity basketball members work out on the basketball court before leaving with my dad. As soon as we arrived home, we changed and went to Don Bosco Prep to watch a football game versus DePaul Catholic. I was invited to hangout on the sidelines with Don Bosco that was cool especially seeing how hype they are. Game finished and I went home to get much needed rest. 

Saturday started off with a well-rested morning I found out earlier that I didn’t have a game due to a possible thunderstorm, so it was rescheduled for the next day. I got up and ate a quick breakfast before getting picked up by my Scholars teammate (Mason) parents for our HSPT Prep course at St. Peters prep in Jersey City. Today was a great day to catch up with family which I was able to do. We had a family party to attend and later on in the evening we all went to see Halloween in the theater that was fun. 

Sunday began with a great breakfast and just got a little hectic along the way. My parents decided to take me to an open house at DePaul Catholic which is ten minutes away. It went well we arrived and immediately joined a tour. I was able to get an understanding of the courses they have their which is a very important part as to decisions towards my school choice. I was able to make my way to the gym where I met with all the varsity coaches which are a good staff respectfully. We then left to go to my basketball game at FDU Madison with NJ Scholars our team is pretty deep so any time I can play it’s beneficial. I was able to contribute in half the time 13 points and 4 asst not bad for football legs. After the game we arrived home so I can rest before heading to my football game to put it short we loss again that’s 3 in a row now we definitely going to need to bounce back and finish 5-0 rest of the way if we have any chance at looking at a championship trophy this year. I finished with 2 amazing touchdowns that kept us in the game just wasn’t enough can’t wait for the following week. 

Thanks for being a part of my weekly journey hopefully I can entertain you a little more the following week.