Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Diary Of A Baller: Richie Rosa (Pequannock, NJ) Entry #5

Hello to all my friends in the Basketball Spotlight Community
This week was very short I wasn’t able to get a good amount of workouts in this week but I managed to attend my practices and catch up on school assignments. Big shout out to my dad hes been a major focal point to scheduling and helping me through my high school decisions. Let's begin with my weekly journey.

Monday, I woke up feeling sick w a mild fever and headache so I stayed home for the day. Was too achy to do anything so I slept in and was given some medicine before heading to the doctor in the afternoon. After the doctor’s visit I got home and caught up on my school assignments for the day before settling down and going over video with my football team. After the video session I went over my assignments for school before calling it a night and going to bed.

Tuesday, I woke up a little later than usual like Monday I was still not well thankfully the doctor gave me a note for an extra day of rest and healing. I definitely slept in extra today than usual but didn’t want to start a new habit, so I set my alarm for a late morning wake up call. I got up and was able to do some meditation in my room which really relaxed me. I then ate some fresh homemade oatmeal for breakfast and started feeling a lot better, so I soaked in an Epson salt bath to top it off. Later I got ready for football practice to stand by didn’t want to push it so I went to observe our plays and defensive scheme. Finally, I got home and settled in. I got a little caught up with my high school prep book before finally going to bed.

Wednesday 630am alarm went off, I got up and began my morning with some stretches and some yoga. Today I was going back to school, so I felt a bit more energized than the previous two days. I ate breakfast and got ready for school. I went to school and had a full day of recovery which worked out well for me as I was getting back into the thick of things. Afterschool I got home and took my little sister outside and got some shots up on our driveway. I got ready for football practice and finally got some much-needed reps. After practice I went home and settled in, while going over some assignments on the computer I happened to see on IG the dates for Made hoops and bballspotlight tournaments so I marked them down on my calendar. I’m not sure how many we will be in but I can’t wait for my basketball season to actually begin.

Thursday, I Woke up at 630 am and was able to do some yoga. I ate cereal this morning and went to SAA (Student Athlete Academy). Excited to be at school today I was able to work on my favorite skills as a guard ball handling and court vision.  Today at school we went over algebra and English two of my favorite subjects I feel I’m exceling in. Afterschool I had football practice, so I got home ate a lite dinner and got ready for practice. Later that night before bed I sat with my dad, and we looked at some old film of past games I’ve played in just to see where we feel I might need to adjust my game at. It’s cool to have film and technology these days and be able to break film down.

Friday 630 my alarm went off I did some morning meditation before eating some egg whites and whole wheat toast before getting ready for school. Afterschool my dad said we were going to attend the local High school game between Pequannock and Wallkill Valley. I’m glad we attended as we were able to see our town come up victorious and I was able to spend some time with my friends here in town. One thing that stood out the most was the west point parachute team they did a sky dive landing onto mid field in honor of our local veterans that was really cool. Finally, we left as we got home I settled in and got ready for bed. 

Saturday started off with a well-rested morning I got up and ate a quick breakfast from our local bagel place which has the best bagels ever. Today I went with my father to see some fall league basketball games in Paterson at the old Paterson Catholic location on 11th Ave.  Games we watched were Eastside vs Bayonne and Kennedy vs Wayne Hills and a little bit of Ridgewood vs St. Peters Prep (JV) before deciding to head home and getting ready for my football game. Game time came we never got to get it together on defense, so we took a loss today 15-13 I finished with 3 receptions for 70 plus yards and a TD but not content with the loss. Finally got home and spent some time settling down hoping for a better outcome going forward with the team.

Sunday, I woke up around 10am I was very sleepy today but I ate a good breakfast high in protein before heading out for a workout with NJ SCHOLARS. I really needed this after last night’s lost plus I love me some hoops. Coach Dayne and Kev really know how to get the most out of our sessions with the team. I think expectations can be running on a high this season so getting these early season team workouts are good for chemistry and team bonding. Season is approaching fast, and I can’t wait to see what we got to show on the hardwood floor. Finally, we got home and tuned in to some NFL games especially my squad them Boys (Cowboys) vs Giants got to say pops wasn’t too happy today especially since he’s a Giants fan. After the games I settled in and went to bed.

Again, Thanks for being a part of my weekly journey hoping next week can be a little bit more entertaining.