Sunday, October 24, 2021

Buckeye Prep Report Elite Showcase Baby Ballers Top Performers

Deloni Pughsley

The Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase took place today and Basketball Spotlight was in the building. Here’s a look at the top performers that were Baby Ballers at this event. 

Buckeye Prep Report Elite Showcase Baby Ballers Top Performers 

Deloni Pughsley (Guard)- The 5th Grader is mature beyond his years. His handle is crisp while his moves are legit as he loves passing the rock. He also has his head up when pushing the rock on the floor. He delivered some slick passes including those of the no look variety. When he needed to score his used a mean floater in the lane. 

Kameron Mercer (Forward)- I heard that Mercer was ranked #1 6th Grader on a few sites and I can see why. The southpaw packs size and scoring ability that is rare for kid at this age. He scored in bunches and from all three levels. What really impressed me was his motor especially since he’s getting national attention at such a young age. 

Dallas Stewart (Guard)- This southpaw was a scoring machine at this event in transition and in the half court set. He scored through contact when attacking the rim and shot the deep trey ball. 5th Graders around the country need to be worried with Stewart on the loose. He looked virtually unstoppable at times. 

Harmony Cooper (Guard)- This young lady did more than hold her own against the fellas. Harmony has a mean jump shot especially from the midrange area. She stayed in attack mode and used her height advantage to get a clean look. I see a bright future for this young lady and she even has a great basketball name. 

Zander Pughsley (Guard)- We don’t usually go this young but this kid is advanced for a 3rd Grader. He has quickness, court vision and scoring ability beyond his years. He was a joy to watch when I was in Ohio.