Saturday, October 23, 2021

Buckeye Prep Report Elite Showcase Class of 2027 Top Performers

Bryce Curry

The Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase took place today and Basketball Spotlight was in the building. Here’s a look at the top performers from the Class of 2027 that impressed us. 

Buckeye Prep Report Elite Showcase Class of 2027 Top Performers 

Bryce Curry (Guard)- Remember this kid’s name because he has the chance to blossom into a heck of a prospect. Curry’s size allowed him to tower over defenders and his skill set separated him from the rest of his peers. I like how he scored the rock from all three levels and also made teammates better. The scary part is he hasn’t even scratched the surface of his potential. He was like a baby Tracy McGrady out there. 

Aiden Monroe (Forward)- The big fella made a huge impact during the showcase. He established good position inside while using good footwork and a feathery touch to finish. Monroe also showed some range on his outside shot while knocking down a few jumpers including a trey ball. He’s still a baby so the future looks very bright for this lad. 

Josh Tyson (Guard)- Tyson is worth the price of admissions. Josh has a lot of wiggles in his game in terms of getting rid of defenders off the bounce. Once he gets space, he will launch a trey ball from anywhere in the gym. This kid has next level swagger but backs it up with substance. Make sure you grab a bag of popcorn before sitting down and watching Josh Tyson. 

Kai Russell (Guard)- Russell was a nice size guard that had some flair to his game. He used a flurry of moves to finish off plays and his long arms to be a factor on the defensive end. I can’t wait to check out Russell a few years down the road to see how he progressed. 

Amir Phillips (Forward)- This wiry wing is a factor on both ends of the floor. He finishes off plays while stretching to the rim in transition. On the defense end he plays the passing lanes and is willing to help out on the glass. 

Reece Crosby (Guard)- While many players concentrate on scoring and offensive prowess Crosby also digs in on the defensive end. He tested the handle of several point guard while causing a few turnovers. On offense he’s very aggressive while being able to score and distribute the rock. He plays with a a lot of energy. 

Landon Carry (Guard)- This pesky guard who knows how to run a team and picked his spots well. He has a sharp handle and good court vision. Even when he got inside among the giants, he was able to finish off plays with good body control. 

Korey Smith (Guard)- This point guard has NY roots and I can see it in his game. His pats the rock with the best of them while breaking down defenders. He has some drive, draw and dish in his game but pull a long trey if you play off him. He is definitely a player to keep an eye on. 

Leshawn Hill (Guard)- This kid is an old school point guard. He gets it done with the grind and lets you know about. Hill can face a defender or carry them to the basket. He uses a floater in the lane or hit a jumper when the defense backs off. He backs up his bark with his game.