Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Tip Off Classic 8th Grade Best Of The Best & All-Tournament Team

The Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic 8th Grade Division started our season out with a bang. Now Here’s a look at the Tip Off Classic Best Of The Best and All Tournament Teams. 

Tip Off Classic 8th Grade Best Of The Best 

Best Performer: Sebastian Robinson (Team Final)- His capped off an impressive weekend with a great championship game showing. The silent assassin will a killer in the finals. 

Best Prospect: DJ Wagner (Team Final)- Wagner once again proved he’s one of the best prospects in America. The scary aspect is his ball handling has improved! 

Best Playmaker: Elliot Cadeau (Team IZOD)- Cadeau set the stage for IZOD’s run to the final four. He either scored or dished the rock. 

Best Scorer: Issac Hester (SBA Elite)- Hester secured this spot after a couple over 30-point performances. He was literally on fire. 

Best Versatility: Jonathan Lamonthe (Team Thrill)- His length allows him to do a lot of different things offensively and guard several positions on the defensive end. 

Best Defender: Aaron Bradshaw (Team IZOD)- The 6’7 forward altered and blocked shots that helped Sports U advance to the final four. 

Best Shooter: Dean Newsome (Team Final)- Newsome torched the nets over the weekend especially from deep. Once he got his feet set it was water. 

Best Floor General: Rahmir Barno (Philly Triple Threat)- Barno is one of the quickest guards around and guided PTT to several wins over the weekend. 

Best Fresh Face: Josh Cameron (NY Rens Cox)- Cameron looks like a good prospect down the road. The wiry forward had a good showing over that weekend.  

Tip Off Classic All-Tournament Team 
Sebastian Robinson (Team Final) 
DJ Wagner (Team Final) 
Dean Newsome (Team Final) 
Cornelius Robinson (Team Final) 
Jonathan Lamonthe (Team Thrill) 
Derrick Queen (Team Thrill) 
Mike Williams (Team Thrill) 
Karim Harris (Team Thrill) 
Elliot Cadeau (Team IZOD) 
Aaron Bradshaw (Team IZOD) 
Mo Mo McKnight (Team IZOD) 
Christian Bliss (NY Rens) 
Jayden Reid (NY Rens) 
Dontae Green (NY Rens) 
Frank Wilson (NY Rens)