Friday, January 11, 2019

Basketball Spotlight 7th Grade Top 10 Presented By Landscapers Podcast

The Basketball Spotlight 7th Grade Top 10 Presented By Landscapers Podcast is listed below. These rankings are based on the team’s performance in Basketball Spotlight and other top events. 

Basketball Spotlight 7th Grade Top 10 Presented BY Landscapers Podcast

1. Team Thrill: The Baltimore Boys proved to be too much for the entire field as they won the Tip Off Classic. We will be looking forward to seeing them again.
2. NY Gauchos: This well coached bunch used their high scoring guards to reach the finals. They will try to get over the hump at the Clash.
3. Team Final/Fidonce: This talented bunch reached the final four before losing to the eventual champion Team Thrill. I think they are a very dangerous squad and can make a run for the top spot when its all said and done.
4. Playtime Panthers: PP battled with the big boys and made it to the final four. I love their pieces and how hard they play on the floor.
5. JC Boys: This stubborn bunch lost in the quarterfinals of the Tip Off Classic but knowing how tough they are they should be ready for the Clash.
6. NJ Playaz: The Playaz made a quarterfinal run. They will be looking to go deeper when the Clash For The Cup rolls around.
7. NY Lightning: The Lightning also will be attending the Clash after making an Elite Eight run during the Tip Off Classic. Don’t sleep on this squad.
8. NY Rens: The NY Rens showed some fight at the Tip Off Classic by making it into bracket play. They will use that experience in the Clash.
9. Philly Blue Magic: This Philly crew made their debut and won the Blue Division. When they return to the Spotlight they might have to bang with the big boys.
10. Silverback Nationals: SN as usual did some damage in the Blue Division while finishing runner up. They should be coming to the Clash.