Thursday, January 10, 2019

Is Tarik Watson #1 In The Country?

Tarik Watson

After a dominating performance at the Future Phenom Camp, Tarik Watson was selected as the #1 Player in the country for the Class of 2024. The forward currently plays on the 8th Grade level with East Coast Elite. Can Watson run the table and stay #1 for the remainder of the season? We contacted his coach Everton Browne to get his insight on Tarik and his game. 

BS: What do you think is the strong point of Tarik’s game? 
EB: Tarik’s strong point is the way he approaches the game at all times. He never backs down from any competition. Tarik’s plays with a high motor and continues to outwork the competition. His ability to finish through contact or at the basket is on an elite level. 

BS: What part of his game you think needs improvement? 
EB: Tarik has a good handle but can improve it to an elite level. He is consistently in the gym working on improving any weakness in his game. 

BS: Where do you think his ceiling is? 
EB: If Tarik continues to work hard he can definitely play at a high major school. He has the ability to change any program is undeniable. Tarik is 13 and is 6’6 and probably end up being 7’0 tall. Tarik ceiling is endless because of his ability to finish around the basket and hit the midrange and attack the rim with a vengeance. 

BS: Is Tarik #1 in the country and why? 
EB: Tarik is easily the #1 player in the country because of his work ethic and how he dominates the 8th grade level being a 7th grader. He is unstoppable force when he gets going and we have seen him frustrate other teams. Tarik is constantly doubled and tripled teamed during games and still finds a way to be successful. There is no doubt in our mind that he is the undisputed #1 player in the country in the class of 2024 (7th grade).