Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Diary Of A Baller: Christian Bliss (Flushing, NY) Final Entry

Chris In Action

Hello Basketball Spotlight World, 

It’s Christian Bliss and I’m back to tell you how my week went. 

Monday- I was ready for my game all day. We played Bay Shore at home at 4. The worst thing possible happened to me in the first quarter. I went up to lay the ball up but at the last second saw someone in the corner wide open. So, I kicked it out to the corner and I didn’t see a kid under me. He was taking a charge, and when I was landing, I didn’t see the guy under me. And then I fell awkwardly and landed on my first. I felt the pain right away and went down I got up right away and tried to play through it. But then it felt really weak, so I asked for a sub and went to the trainer. She taped up my wrist and cleared me to go back in. I checked back in to start second quarter and once I caught the ball my hand snapped back. There my coach called a timeout took me out. My team lost which was upsetting because I knew I could’ve been playing. After the game, I went to the ER and got an x-ray and they said it was a minor fracture. 

Tuesday- I was tired because I didn’t get home until 1 last night. And it was a long night, I didn’t get real sleep because of all the pain. I went to school 2nd period today. I can’t do much because it’s my right hand. So, I kind of chill and just listen to teachers talk. After school, I went to the high school and watched the team practice. Then when I got home, I was tired so I took a nap. Then woke back up and ate some dinner and took a shower. Then I stayed up for a little and knocked out. 

Wednesday- I went to school a little late again, just because it takes longer for me to do things in the morning. After school, I hung out with school friends for a little. Then I went back to school up and watch the middle school team play. After that I went back home for a little rested and then one back out to the mall with friends. We hung out for about 2 hours, and just chilled. Don’t really have time to enjoy myself that much out of school. After this week I will be back in the gym working on my legs and left hand. 

Thursday- Today is my birthday I turn 14 so this morning I ate breakfast at a diner to start off my day. School felt a little bit longer today and after school I had to go to practice. Practice we just went over strategy for tomorrow’s game on the road. I wasn’t really able to participate in anything during practice but just watched my teammates go out each other. After practice, my mom picked me up to bring me back to queens for the night. When I got home, I got a nice present and then went to eat dinner with the family. We ate at a good Italian restaurant, one of my favorites. I am blessed for everything I have at the age of 14. 

Friday- School went by quickly today the day before the break always feels quicker. After school I went back home because our game wasn’t until 6. The team didn’t have to be back at the school until 430 which gave me some time to chill before I have to go. We played on the road at Commack today, known for having a crazy crowd. It was frustrating not being able to be on the court with my guys. It was a great game but we wound up losing by two points. After the game, when I got home, I was supposed to go out by that never happened. So, I just spent the night chilling in my room, lifting and doing toe raisers. 

Saturday- I woke up very late got a great night sleep. By the time I woke up it was already time to go to practice. I like to go to practice even if I’m not playing because I just like to be in the gym in general. I still work on some ball handling with my left hand and helped other teammates workout. After practice, I got home, showered and got myself ready for guest that were coming over the house. It was a Christmas party that was being held at the house. There were a lot of people that came in was a fun night overall. After the party, I went back home to Queens. 

Sunday- I woke up very late, always feels good to get a lot of rest. I went to the bagel store in the morning with my brother for breakfast. After we left to go watch some high school basketball in queens. It was a triple header at Christ the King, Cardinal Hayes was playing against King. Freshman and Sophomore games were boring, and Hayes won both. But varsity was a great game, that went into double ot. King was able to pull it off but struggled. It was important to see the level, because next year I will be playing at this high level. My high school decision will be very difficult, but I will do what’s best for me. After the game, my brother and I went to dinner at some hibachi place. 

This was my last entry and I would like to thank Mike Melton and Basketball Spotlight for giving me the opportunity to share my life with you guys.

Signing Off For The Final Time,
Christian Bliss