Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Diary Of A Baller: Christian Bliss (Flushing, NY) Entry #8

Christian and Family

Hello Basketball Spotlight World, 

It’s Christian Bliss and I’m back to tell you how my week went. 

Monday- Is excited for this week only have 3 days of school and have scrimmages. School was boring today, felt like the day took forever to go by. After school we had practice, we started going over plays. I am the player that picks up plays on the fly so I got all the plays down pack that day. But there is still a lot of plays that we have to go over. After practice I took an Uber home and then left to La Fitness. I got a lot of shots up and lifted after playing. Then I did some core work because I haven’t done core work in a couple of days. I was tired so I did whatever homework I had, ate some food and knocked out. 

Tuesday- School went by quicker today, there was a miscommunication with me and my coach. I didn’t think we had practice today and just had a meeting at 7. So, after school I stayed to watch my boys who play for the middle school team. And then took an Uber to La fitness and had the gym to myself. Whenever I got out after school the court is always open and that’s the time I could do drills and get a lot of shots up. I was there a good 2 and half hours. When I got home in was around 6:30 and then I had to leave to the high school. The team had a meeting about the season and the expectations. 

Wednesday- School was light, everyone was trying to get to break already. We had rapid dismissal for everyone which I do every day anyways. I had practice, today was a fun practice day. The old seniors came back to scrimmage us, it was cool. I got to go up against Savion who plays at Quinnipiac University. He is tough, he ripped me once or twice and showed me I still have a lot to work on. But overall, I held my own and showed I could mess with the older guys. After practice my mom picked me up and my family from Puerto Rico are in for the weekend. So, I got to see them, it’s been a couple of years since I saw them. I was happy to see my great-grandma whose 88 and still doing good. My aunt, cousin and great-grandma came in today in the morning and will be here all week. 

Thursday- I got to enjoy today with the fam today which I normally don't have the time to do. I woke up pretty early, prepared the house and then left and got a cut. After that I went to the gym with my brother, did a little of everything today. And did a lot of lifting, I always like to show him up that I am stronger than him. If you know him a lot, I am the type to always work harder to make sure I am better than the man in front. After that I got home the food was ready and we ate. My family always prays over the food, showing thanks to the man above. I have a lot to be thankful for, I am beyond blessed for everything and everyone I have. I want to give a big shout out to my mom, dad and brother who do everything in the world they can do for me. And I want to thank my second family: my coach (a second Dad to me), Dante (another brother to me), Summer (a little sister to me) and Ms. Sharima (a second mom to me). 

Friday- I woke up early headed out to Long Island, for an early practice. We were supposed to have a scrimmage today but it got canceled so instead we practiced. After practice, I went home and chilled out for an hour or two and then friends came over. We all went to La fitness from around 6:30 to 9, we did some working out and then played ball. I ran on the treadmill for a little more than a mile and did some arms. My arms were feeling sore but the pain felt good. After we got home, ordered some pizza and went to sleep. 

Saturday- I woke up around 8, I had to be at the school at 9 for the bus. We took the bus to an away scrimmage at West Islip. The scrimmage was bad in general, the other team was really bad. And we didn’t play well especially myself, I wasn’t finishing. I missed a couple of easy shots around the rim and on defense I was too anxious to just take it from them. But besides that, I was excited to see what the team was looking like. On the way back, we took the bus stopped at Wendy’s to get some food and then got back to the school. Then I had a game at 4 in Brooklyn, the semis for a tournament finishing up the tournament. I’m not able to play with any other teams while I play for the high school, so after this I won’t be. Then after the game I headed back out to Long Island and had practice. 

Sunday- I woke up pretty late around 10 ate some home cooked breakfast and got the day going around 12. I went outside a little bit and shot around then I went to the mall with school friends. We went from around 2 to 6 and then had to come back home from practice. In practice, we mainly just went over sets to prepare ourselves for upcoming tournaments. Then I got back home ate some Boston market and went to sleep.