Sunday, December 16, 2018

Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic 8th Grade Top Performers Part 4

Issac Hester

The Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic 8th Grade Division featured some of the top talent in the region. Here’s Part 4 of our Top Performers. 

Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic 8th Grade Top Performers Part 4 

Issac Hester Guard (SBA Elite)-Hester showed why he is probably one of the best lead guards in the country. Hester has a great knack of reading the defense and making the right play on the court. He has a really good jump shot form three that he knocks down consistently. He hit over the 20 point mark per game for the entire weekend. Issac should have a great season this year.

Will Norman Forward (NJ Playaz)-Norman was a force in the middle for his team. When Norman realizes that playing closer to the basket at this time will make him dominant, it will be problems for everyone. Norman was most dominant around the basket and was virtually unstoppable in the paint. His ability to direct his teammates on defense was one of the best we have seen from a young player. Norman has a great feel for the game on both sides of the ball.
Lucas Orchard Guard (SK Elite)- Orchard is tough nose player that plays with a high motor. Orchard is a do it all player for his team. He has good shot from three and knows how to set up players for easy shots. His ability to get the rim helps draw the defense for easy kickouts to his teammates.
Josh Cameron Forward (NY Rens Cox)-Cox is a 6’7 wing that has the ability to put the ball on the floor and get to the rim. He has serviceable handle that helps him push the ball in transition. Cameron has an athletic body and is a very good defender. As he goes the NY Rens will go.
Darryl Wright Guard (Courtmaster Elite)-Wright is probably one of the most interesting prospect we seen this weekend. Wright probably stands about 5’3 inches but played bigger than that. He is a great on ball defender and easily frustrated ball handlers. His IQ for the game is very high and directs his teammates to be in the right place. He is a tremendous floor general that continuously finds player wherever they are on the floor.

Precise Clark Forward (Student Athlete Broncos)-Clark stands about 6’8 and is much improved player from last season. Clark is a great rebounder and shot blocker. Clark is much better at finishing around the rim and has improved his footwork. He is definitely an intimidating force in the middle of the defense.