Friday, December 14, 2018

Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic 8th Grade Top Performers Part 2

Elliot Cadeau

The Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic 8th Grade Division featured some of the top talent in the region. Here’s Part 2 of our Top Performers. 

Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic 8th Grade Top Performers Part 2 

Elliot Cadeau Guard (Team Izod)- Elliot is becoming a true floor general. Cadeau has a gritty toughness about him that we really like. He has improved his jump shot a lot; now has he the ability to attack the rim or pull up from mid-range. Cadeau is also a very tough defender that seems to enjoy that side of the ball. He has become more athletic and is finishing through contact at the rim. Elliot is becoming another tough New Jersey guard.

Aaron Bradshaw Forward (Team Izod)- Bradshaw stands about 6‘7’ and is developing into a very good player. Bradshaw has improved drastically from the last time we saw him because he has become stronger and more confident. Bradshaw is becoming a force for Team Izod in the middle of their defense. He has the ability block or change shots. The best thing we saw from Bradshaw was the ability to finish through contact at the rim. If he continues to improve he might end up being one best bigs in his class.
Maurice McKnight Guard (Team Izod)-Mcknight is quick combo guard that is very athletic. McKnight has the ability to get to the rim and finish. He has a good handle that allows him to get to wherever he wants on the floor. He has a serviceable jump shot that he can knockdown when he heats up. McKnight is a very good defender that does not mind doing the dirty work for his team.
Christian Bliss Guard (NY Rens)-Bliss is a crafty guard that can get to wherever he wants on the court. He has a good shot from the outside that he knocks down when left open. Bliss has an array of finishes with either hand at the basket. We noticed that Bliss has gotten taller and put on some muscle that allows him to absorb and finish through contact.
Jayden Reid Guard (NY Rens)-Reid has taken his game to the next level. His ability to come off screens and read defense is tremendous. Reid has improved his mid range shot and buries the defense if they go under the screen. Reid has the knack of getting to the rim and finishing. We see a lot of potential for Reid to become one of the best lead guards in his class.
Dontae Green Guard (NY Rens)- Green will probably grow into one of the best wing guards in the class. His ability to put the ball on the floor and get to wherever he wants is tremendous. He has improved his jumpshot and that helps spread the defense for his team. Green is a good defender that can defend all five positions on the court.
Frank Wilson Forward (NY Rens)- Wilson is the glue the holes the NY Rens defense together. Wilson is really good shot blocker and usually gets to every rebound. Wilson helps to solidify the post and can finish around the rim. He has the ability to be on the wing but does what his team needs to be successful. His potential is endless if he continues to work.