Monday, July 30, 2018

Diary Of A Baller: Lou Hutchinson (Upper Marlboro, MD) Entry #6

Lou Hutchinson Working Out!

What’s up Basketball Spotlight World!!!! 

Welcome to my 6th journal entry for Lou Hutchinson. My Basketball Background: Born 3/20/2004, 6’3” Point Guard/Shooting Guard for Team Durant. Attending the Maret School for High school and will be playing for Varsity Coach Chuck Driesell. 

Monday, 7/23/2018 On Monday morning I woke up around 9:30 am in New York City. My mom, sister and I had driven to New York on Sunday afternoon from the Spooky Nook basketball tournament in Pennsylvania. We went to the NBA Store, but I did not find anything that I liked and wanted in my size. After leaving the NBA store we went to Champs, Foot Locker, and Foot Action to look for Foam Posits and Jordan 12 the Masters in size 13 but none of the stores had my size. After eating lunch and spending a couple more hours in the mall with my mom and sister we headed home to Maryland. We got home around 8:30 pm. I unpacked, made my bed, ate some dinner, took a shower, put on my braces rubber bands, said my prayers, and went to bed. 

Tuesday, 7/24/2018 On Tuesday I woke up around 12 noon got dressed and started to pack for my trip to Orlando with my team for the AAU National Super Showcase Tournament. My 14U Team played up against 15 U competition for the Tournament. I ate, and we headed to the airport around 4:15 pm for my 6:05 pm flight. Once I got through security, I got some dinner and waited to board the plane. Our flight ended up being delayed for one hour. I slept most of the flight and we got to the 9-bedroom house where we were staying for the week, I then got my room, got in the hot tub, took a shower and went to sleep. 

Wednesday, 7/25/2018 On Wednesday I woke up at around 10 am, relaxed in the pool, gave the money for groceries for the week in Orlando with the team. The coaches prepared lunch and we ate. The remainder of the afternoon the team rested and relaxed at the pool and hot tub. I knew this week was not going to be easy for me having to only watch because of a fractured thumb. After eating dinner, I brushed my teeth, put my rubber braces rubber brands in, said my prayers, and went to bed around 11:00 pm. 

Thursday, 7/26/2018 On Thursday I woke up around 6:30 am to get ready for our game at 9:20 am at the Disney ESPN Visa Athletic Center. Before leaving for the game I made my bed, ate breakfast then got in the van to head over for the game. We played Blue U15 and won the game 65-43. Between my team’s game and our game later in the afternoon we watched other games and supported the other Durant teams. I also wished my parents a happy 21st wedding anniversary!!! Our second game we played Team Final and lost, 79-62. After leaving the arena we went back to the house, had dinner, watched tape, and relaxed in the pool. I finally brushed my teeth, put my braces rubber brands in, said my prayers, and went to bed around 11:00 pm. 

Friday, 7/27/2018 On Friday I woke up around 6:30 am for our game against Team Winston NC 15 U. I ate breakfast, got in the van and we headed over to the gym. Our 14 U team ended up losing the game 56-47. I cheered as hard as I could for my teammates. It is frustrating when you have a fractured thumb because you know you could be helpful to the team but there is nothing you can do but encourage. After checking out a few of the other games we headed to the house, got food, got in the hot tub and later headed to bed after prayers, and putting my braces rubber bands in for the night. 

Saturday, 7/28/2018 Saturday, I woke up around 6:30 am, had breakfast and headed to the game. Today we played in the Bronze Bracket Quarter-finals and won against Richmond Squires Green, 77-65. After grabbing some lunch and watching a couple other games we played our second Semi-final game and lost to Chattanooga 15U Elite, 39-33. The loss brought our tournament to an end. We would now root on our 13U and 16U teams who were both still going strong. I left the gym with my parents, sister, Stephanie (a friend of my sister’s), and grandmother “Mimi”. We headed to my parent’s house and enjoyed some family time. My Aunt Karen Jenkins Gray who was the 4th all-time leading scorer and inducted into the Clemson University Basketball Hall of Fame back in 2012 and her husband my Uncle Thomas Gray joined us for dinner. They came to Orlando to hang out with us and we had a great time! Around 10:30 pm, I walked back to my house with the team which was on the next street, relaxed with a few of my teammates, showered, put my braces rubber bands in, said my prayers, and went to bed. 

Sunday, 7/29/2018 On Sunday I woke up around 11 am had breakfast, got in the pool, hung out with 13s for little bit, and went to the mall with some of my teammates. On Sunday the Team Durant 16s Team won the Gold Bracket it was an awesome effort!!! Once we got back to the house, I showered, talked to my parents, and ended up falling asleep. I finally woke up put my braces rubber bands in, stayed up for another hour or so, and then went back to bed. I am looking forward to getting home on Tuesday and getting back at it in preparation for the CP3 Rising Stars Camp. I will have my brace removed 3 days before the camp starts but I am staying in shape and will be ready!!!!!