Wednesday, June 29, 2016

NEO National Showcase Class Of 2022 Top Performers Part 2

Robert Martin (Missouri)

Basketball Spotlight traveled to Cleveland, Ohio for the NEO Youth Elite National Showcase. The talent was thick as we got a chance to see some stars of the future. Here’s Part 2 of our top performers for the rising 7th Grade Class. 

NEO National Showcase Class Of 2022 Top Performers Part 2 

Robert Martin (Guard)- Martin dazzled the crowd all weekend with his slick handle and play making prowess. He used explosive moves to get rid of defenders which allowed him to pull up for jumpers or finished at the tin. In the open floor his court vision stood out and he also was a hawk on defense. He made a name at the Future Phenom Camp last summer and now he has stepped into being recognized as a national caliber guard. He earned a Middle School All American nomination.

Jalen Hood-Schifino (Guard)- Hood-Schifino is a big guard on this level. He can score with ease at times on this level but takes the time to survey the floor and deliver nice passes. His mindset seems to be to become a pass first point guard which means a lot because you never know where he will end up in terms of size. He’s an impact player and showed it in Cleveland. 

Paul McMillan (Guard)- McMillan already has a national rep and didn’t do anything to hurt his status. When he has the rock he dictates the pace of the game by scoring or setting up teammates. He has a natural feel for the game and a strong frame that withstands contact when driving in traffic. He was one of the best I saw at this event.  

Joe Wolf (Forward)- The big space eater isn’t very athletic yet but he does carves out space to get rebounds. He has decent touch in close but is still developing in the footwork department. This kid really played hard and left it all on the floor. 

Everton Brown (Guard)- Brown has reclassified and proved it was a good move in Cleveland. He has point guard capabilities but was more of a scorer this weekend. He's very aggressive when attacking the basket and looked good in transition. He will be one to watch on the scene. 

Roderick Coffee (Guard)- Coffee was another guard with size. He handles the rock and surveys like a point but can also shoot at the drop of a dime. This made him a constant match up problem throughout the weekend. I see a bright future for this kid. He reminds me of a young Andre Miller type. 

KJ Robinson (Guard)- In my eyes this kid should have made the top 20 game. I was amazed at his skill level and heart to drive the lane. He could hit the outside shot and get pass defenders. I still wondering how he made it happen with his dreadlocks covering his face. I was very impressed with his play. 

Tavian Tatum (Forward)- Tatum didn’t care about scoring. Instead he did all the dirty work like rebounding, playing defense and running the floor. He was capable of finishing in transition. I like his motor and the energy he brought to the floor. 

Dominic Schmidt (Guard)- The crafty point guard has a high IQ and is a lot quick then he appears. He uses a quick crossover to get through the defense but dropping dimes or uses a floater to score. He showed good poise when he was pressured.