Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Middle School All American Games Getting Early Committments!

The Middle School All-American Game returns to the nation’s capital and again will play host to the very best players in America. The schedule for the country’s most exclusive Middle School All-Star game as well as the area’s top rising freshman game, the Coach Francis Classic will be held on August 26, 2016. Game times and schedule will be announced in the coming weeks. The Head Coaches will be revealed in the coming weeks; but the staff again will boast some of the very best in the DMV just like those who stalked the sidelines last year! 

Commitments for this year’s game include names such as: 
Trey Patterson, 6’9, 2021, New Jersey 
Bryce Griggs, 5’9, 2022, Texas 
Ryan Conway, 6’0, 2021, Maryland 
Keon Henderson, 5'9, Michigan 
Jaden Bradley, 6’2, 2022, North Carolina 
Paris Dawson, 6’1, 2021, Arizona 
Quinn Clark, 6’3, 2022, Virginia 
Jarace Walker, 6’2, 2022, Pennsylvania 
Cameron Gillus, 2023, Virginia 
Skyy Clark, 5’11, 2022, California 
Jahkary Townes, 2023, Michigan 
Antonio Hamlin, 2022, Maryland 
Evan Young, 5’7, 2022, Utah 
Jaden Johnson, 5’7, 2022, Maryland 
Dee Morton, 6’2, 2021, Georgia 

As voting continues there are multiple players from the DMV in contention for spots! Review the voting process now at Player Nominations can be sent to: