Thursday, June 30, 2016

NEO National Showcase Class Of 2021 Top Performers Part 1

Meechie Johnson (Ohio)

Basketball Spotlight took the trip to Cleveland, Ohio for the NEO National Showcase. The Class Of 2021 was the deepest in terms of talent. Here’s Part 1 of our top performers from this grade level. 

NEO National Showcase Class Of 2021 Top Performers Part 1 

Meechie Johnson (Guard)- Johnson was playing on his home turf and used this environment to his advantage. He’s added some height and strength since the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp. Johnson added gifts made him more explosive and helped him absorb contact before finishing. He shows some point guard instincts he still loves to the score the rock. He can pull up from deep off the bounce while also dropping buckets from the other two levels. Johnson loves the stage and seems to perform better when the lights are bright. He will be attended both the Middle School All American Game and Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp.

Carter Whitt (Guard)- Whitt name has been ringing national bells recently and I can see why. I have a smooth handle and a mean ratchet. His poise and calmness with the rock can lure a defender asleep before he wakes you with a long range bomb. He showed us top notch court vision and sometimes appeared to be a little too unselfish. Once he gets into a flow he’s hard to contain. He earned an invite to the Middle School All American Game and Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp. 

 Noah Peoples (Forward)- The strong forward was a workhorse in the lane while finishing around the cup. The southpaw is little undersized to play with his back to the basket but uses a high energy work ethic to get things done. I do see a light at the end of the tunnel as Peoples does pat the rock and shoot the jumper. We will keep an eye on how he develops.

Juan Reyna (Guard)- Reyna was a fresh face on the scene and used this stage to make his name known. The lefty was deadly from all three levels and attacked the rim with confidence. He shook defenders off the bounce and used fundamentals to finish off plays. Once he got his confidence going he just continued to cook opponents. He’s another big time event away from becoming a national name. He earned an invite to the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp and a Middle School All American Game nomination. 

Mehki Starks (Forward)- The straight lined forward is a high riser and excels in transitions. He’s a speed demon in the open floor and does pretty well as a slasher to the cup. One thing is certain is that he will play both ends of the floor like it’s his last game and he is relentless when trying to finish at the rim.

Colin Albert (Guard)- Albert was another pleasant surprise. As the under controlled guard used a crafty handle to create space for his shot. He also showed some floor general skills by setting up teammates while using a killer crossover to gain access to the lane. He has a quiet demeanor but has a star quality about him don’t be surprised when he blows up. 

Makail Cottingham (Guard)- The wing guard is extremely athletic and does possess a huge upside. He fills the lane in transition while scoring easy. He has a wiry frame that has a lot of room to expand. He’s nowhere near a finished product and we haven’t heard the end of this kid. Stay tuned. 

Rodriquez Gayle (Guard)- Gayle is another player that has a huge upside. He can play either guard position effectively while creating space off the dribble. I like how he sees the floor and will be able to complete more plays once he gets stronger. He’s definitely one to keep on our radar.