Thursday, April 19, 2012

Inside The AC Showcase 12U: DC Assault Steps Into The Spotlight

DC Assault Makes Things Interesting

In the 12U Division of the AC Showcase we anticipated a Team IZOD and KSK matchup for the championship but DC Assault has other plans. The Potomac Valley crew came up to America’s Playground and rolled through the tournament. They knocked off some impressive teams in the quest to win their first banner.

Grand Finale Impact
Team IZOD is a lock for the #1 seed but after that things get very interesting. They are 5 teams (KSK, ECE, New Rens, Playtime and DC Assault) battling for the remaining 3 spots. The MDC will definitely have an impact on what teams will make up the 12U Grand Finale Final Four.

12U AC Showcase All Tournament Team
Shariif Kenny (DC Assault)
Jared Bynum (DC Assault)
Prentiss Hubb (DC Assault)

D'Marco Baucey (DC Assault)
Justin Winston (Team IZOD)
Tyrek Chambers (Team IZOD)
Mikey Watkins (Team IZOD)
Atiba Taylor (KSK)
Luther Muhammad (KSK)
Nazereon Reid (KSK)
Zedrek Ferrell (Riverside)
Alex Serrano (Wall 2 Wall)
Chico Whyte (Wall 2 Wall)
Mikey Esquilin (Wall 2 Wall)

Mike Speights (Bump and Run)
Fatayn Wesley (RIP City)
AlQuan Dwight (NWK)
Rob Higgins (Playtime)