Wednesday, April 4, 2012

AC Showcase 12U Preview: Can Team IZOD Get A Hat Trick?

The "Fly Guys" Will Be Seeking Their 3rd Banner!

The 12U Division is the best it’s been in years so there’s nothing else left but time to get it on. Here are the top teams and players that will be bringing their talent to Atlantic City.

AC Showcase 12U Preview

Team IZOD: The “Fly Guys” will be coming off winning the Bonanza Banner and looking to regain the Spotlight #1 spot. They have the swagger and talent to be standing at the winner’s circle Sunday night. They first must get through this tough field of teams.

KSK: IZOD has more banners but KSK has the edge in head to head matchups. Now they have a chance to their stamp on the #1 spot and distance themselves from the rest of the participants. We might be looking at another KSK-IZOD clash in the finals.

Riverside Hawks: The #4 team in the country showed a little life at the MIT now they must translate that into a Spotlight event. Don’t be surprised if the crafty squad finds a way to make it to at least the final four.

DC Assault: This squad hasn’t exploded yet but something about them tells me they are a dangerous club. Something weird always seems to happen during this tournament so this could be there coming out party.

Playtime Panthers: PP has been knocking on the door of a title and now it’s time for them to walk in. They will have to knock off some huge foes to reach the pinnacle. Best of luck!

NWK: The first year program has turned a few heads with some impressive victories and a few local championships. Now they must tackle this national field and are capable of beating anyone, ask DC Assault.

DeMarcus Cousins Blue Devils: Regardless of the name of this team they always find good fortune when they travel to Atlantic City. In their last appearance they made it to the finals of the MLK Baby Baller Classic.

East Coast Elite: The Rodney Dangerfield squad of this field will be looking for some respect. They are one of only 3 squads to have a Spotlight banner this year. Now they will be looking to add another. The time has come!

Mass Shooting Stars: After winning the Blue Division of the Clash for The Cup, MSS now has their wish of entering the Orange Division. It’s definitely a different level of intensity and we want to see if they can handle it.

RIP City: RC feels they are among the cream of the crop, so there’s no better way than battle against the best. They will get a chance early in the pool with IZOD and Melo.

Team Melo: Speaking of Melo, they are making a return after putting in work at the Clash. Now they will be looking to make a deep run in AC.

Other Teams To Watch For: Bump and Run, Wall 2 Wall Allentown, 6th Man Warriors and Albany Dream Team