Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fans Voting Poll: Who Is The Best 8th Grade Wing Guard In The Country? (Cast Your Vote)

The rankings are always done by the analyst and scouts but Basketball Spotlight loves to keep the fans involved. We feel the fans should have some say so in who they feel are the best. Therefore for the next few weeks we will be developing different categories for you guys to have some say. We have collected the Top 5 wing guards and their highlight clips and would like you to vote on who you think is the best. Please Note: When voting from a mobile phone or Facebook scroll to the bottom of your phone screen and convert the view to website version and this will allow you to vote.

1. Reggie Gardner (Lardo, MD)- The move shooting guard has potential written all over him. He plays with a stacked therefore I don’t think we have seen the total package of this kid yet. Recently, Reggie has shown some improved athleticism and ball handling. I think when it’s all said and done his stock will soar.

2. Devonte Green (Long Island, NY)- Green could have been listed in the combo guard category but his ability to score landed him here. Green has put up serious numbers at the Spotlight events while also playing well on the high school varsity level. His play has helped Team Scan collect a few championships and earned him the nickname “The Chef” because of the way he cooks the defense.

3. Adrian Moore (Conway, Ark)- Moore has been a human highlight reel since 6th Grade. But his leaping ability shouldn’t over shadow his game because he has a lot of it. He has an AAU National title under his belt and now tours the country with the talented Dunk Dog Elite squad. He will be a name that will make some noise for years to come.

4. Vijay Blackmon (Fort Wayne, IN.)- Blackmon has the genes and the game that turned heads in the Midwest. He can score it from all three levels and has a smoothness that can’t be taught. We expect Blackmon to snatch many votes from the Midwest region. The kid has some serious game. When it’s time for college I will be surprised if he allowed to leave the state.

5. Malik Crowfield (New Orleans, LA)- I don’t know if it’s fair to have teammates on the same list but Crowfield joins Moore has one of the top wing guards around. Standing 6’4 Crowfield has been compared to a young Penny Hardaway among others. This entry should make the voting very interesting.