Monday, April 16, 2012

Diary Of A Baller: Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle (Edison, NJ) Entry #33

Tyus Escorts Step Mother Down The Aisle

Monday was a really great day to be at home and on vacation. During the day I hung out at home with my brother and just watched television and surfed the internet. My parents were at work so we did have a little extended time on Play Station. My dad is not a big fan of video games. He does not mind if you play for an hour or 2 but if you begin to spend to much time playing he gets a little crazy.

Tuesday I went to the gym to get a few shots up. My dad and I have been working on improving my foot work on and my release on my jump shot. It has really been challenging for me to change my release. I went from a knock down shooter to just streaky one. The key is to keep working on it for me and to remain confident and positive.

Wednesday I was at my mom’s house and i got very sick with a cold. That same evening I went home with a sore throat and a very aching body. Over the next few days all I did was lay home in bed with very little energy. I was really concerned about not working out the remainder of the week because I knew we had a 16U State tournament coming up on Saturday and I am not able to work out and I was feeling horrible.

Thursday morning I was feeling about the same as I had been feeling Tuesday night and Wednesday. My dad really takes care of me when I am sick but there is nobody like my mom when I am not feeling well. By the afternoon I was feeling better and by the evening I was feeling pretty good.

Friday came fast and my brother and I went to the movies with some friends from school. I went to see the movie The Cabin In The Woods and I cannot say I would recommend it. It was not a good movie at all! My dad and step mom were gone all day so since it was Friday my brother and I played video games for a few hours and we had fun.

Saturday morning I had to get up early to head to the Life Center to play with Team Final.. The game we played was a complete blowout, especially once we got rolling. I played terrible and I had no energy at all! Maybe I took 2 shots and made one. After the game my dad pressed me about how I felt and I told him I wanted to play the afternoon game and felt I could help the team. I felt even worse in that game and for the first time since I have been playing basketball, I had to ask to come out of the game. I have allergies and when I have a cold it makes it challenging during the Spring.. Before the next game at 6:45 Khalif, my dad and I went over my dad’s friends house to relax and dad gave me a much needed pep talk about life and its challenges and the easy road vs hard road. The bottom line is that my dad really believes in me as a person and basketball is just a small part of what life is all about.

Saturday evening’s game went much better. I hit a few 3 point jump shots and had back to back steals for lay-ups. My wind was a little better as well and we won the game by about 25 or so. My dad and brother both said I played well and I played great team ball. I was proud of myself because I did not feel to good and battled back. The other boys played really well, Chiz, JR, Fresh, Malik ,Sam, Trevon, Manny and last but not least Daren. Chiz had a nasty dunk on a fast break that brought the house down and JR and Fresh played lights out all day.

Sunday we played in the quarter finals after going undefeated in the first 4 games and we won by 14 points. I must say I felt much better although not quite myself just yet. I felt I played Okay although my dad said he was proud of me. I rebounded well and scored about 10 points with 2 blocks and 2 steals. My dad said it was a team effort and that our strength as a team is our depth as a unit..

Thanks, mom and dad for taking those long drives from New Jersey to PA. Thanks Khalif! I know it is hard watching me play while you stand on the sideline but I will do the same for you. Thanks coach Aaron for sticking with me..

Peace everyone, this is Tyus Battle signing off..