Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Basketball Spotlight 13U Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel

The 13U rankings didn’t have much movement after the AC Showcase. Remember these rankings are just our opinion and should be taken as such.

Basketball Spotlight 13U Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel

1. CBC: The “Money Team” held on to the top spot after winning the AC Showcase. They are a lock for the #1 seed at the Grand Finale. I know they have their eye on that huge prize.

2. Milbank: “The Bank” was so impressive that we had to move them into the #2 spot. They also should have a safe slot at the Grand Finale. We might be looking at another big time showdown versus CBC for all the marbles.

3. Team Takeover: TT still remains in our Top 5 because of their fire power and having won the Clash For The Cup. They might make a stop through the MDC. That would make things very interesting.

4. Team Final: Should be named Team Final Four because once again they made it to the semifinals. They haven’t won a banner yet but maybe that might shock the world like Expressions did last summer.

5. Team IZOD: TI moves back into our Top 5 after making it to the final four run at the AC Showcase. They ran into a buzz saw in #2 Milbank.

6. New Heights: After winning the MIT NH made it to the quarterfinals of the AC Showcase. They have a lot of talent but can’t seem to get past Team IZOD. They still might have a chance to get into the Grand Finale after a good showing at the MDC.

7. DC Assault: DCA was a last minute pull out during the AC Showcase. We might have a chance to run into them later on this summer.

8. East Coast Elite: ECE has some talent but we are waiting for them to put everything together. We will definitely keep our eye out for this bunch.

9. 6th Man Warriors: This squad shows a lot of fight while playing on this brutal 13U circuit. They are definitely a team you can’t sleep on.

10. CT Elite: They got their squad back together and were able to advance to the quarterfinals of the AC Showcase. Now let’s see where they go from here.