Monday, April 2, 2012

Diary Of A Baller: Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle (Edison, NJ) Entry #32

Justin Sears, Roderick Rhodes and Tyus Battle

What’s up basketball world, I am really happy to say it has been a very good week.

Monday I went to the gym to lift. While lifting, my dad and I talked about what I can work on to help me get better. He said I really need to work on my defense, speed, strength, and being much more vocal. We also spent a lot time breaking down my jump shot because I am still a bit inconsistent but improving.

When I went to school the next day I received a 90 on my science quiz, which is good. When I got home I had a lot of homework to do so I didn’t get to go to the gym until really late. Sometimes I like to get my homework done before I go to a workout with my dad on any of my other trainers. As compared to going after school, it just makes my night a lot easier

Wednesday, I was excited a long with the rest of the students because the basketball teams are scheduled to play the parents in a parent and teacher v-s student basketball game. I could tell my dad was a little nervous because he was really down playing the game. Never talking trash with my brother or I. You see like all of us Battle’s my dad hates to lose and he know his days of beating me at basketball are gone. He was uptight and my brother and I knew it. The game began and he my dad could not hit a shot but like his always tells me, he stayed aggressive. Long story short we won by 15, my step mom played well and so did Khalif. Dad stunk up joint, only scoring his points on the 4th and 3rd graders. I had a lot of fun along with the other kids.

Thursday I worked out with Bryce and it was a great workout, focusing on all phasing of basketball except defense. I spent a lot of time on my pull-up. We also did some crazy difficult ball-handling drills.

Friday, my dad and I went to the gym and worked on shooting and dunking for 1 hour. He was rushing me because he needed to spend time with my step-mom but I wanted to stay longer. I am dunking pretty well off 2 feet now.

Saturday and Sunday I had Team Final practice in Philadelphia and both days I went well. I cannot wait to hit the floor against Team Takover on Saturday. If I did not tell you guys I am playing 15U for Final. After Sunday’s practice I worked out for 2 more hour s at Hoops America and met a former Saint Anthony’s All-American Rodrick Rhodes. This is Tyus Battle singing off!