Monday, April 30, 2012

Diary Of A Baller: Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle (Edison, NJ) Entry # 36

What up basketball world? 

Monday was strictly a chill out day for my brother and I. My dad gave us a day off to relax from workouts. Therefore we did not play basketball, which I never feel is a good thing. My dad always says that it is good to get away from the game sometimes so your mind and body can refresh. 

Tuesday, school took forever to end or at least it felt that way. As soon as I arrived home I jumped onto the couch to take a nap. After my nap and some homework that took me an hour to complete. I went into my basement to work on my body for an hour. I am really trying hard to get stronger these days, although my dad says my body will change as I get older and continue doing the work. I feel like it is taking a while though, I mean my father’s side of the family have tall and lean muscular builds. My grandfather on my dad’s side was 6 ft 7 and built. I hope I can be like Pop. On my mother’s side the family is shorter and stocky, although my mother is not short. She is about 5 ft 7. I guess God only knows what I will be when and if I stop growing taller and wider. Now I am 6 ft 4 without sneaks and 6 ft 5 with my sneaks, unless I have my Lebron's on because they sit a little taller, I am over 6 ft 5 LOL! Finally, Tuesday night after dinner I went to the gym to workout hard with my dad and Julian and they killed me! Let’s just say that the next day I could hardly move. 

Wednesday, I went to the gym with dad and did skills with a kid that dad trains. This kid is really getting better. Thursday at school, I had a few quizzes that I was prepared for and after the quizzes in the morning, the rest of the day went smooth. I am going to miss my friends at school when I move on to what nana say's are, "Greener Pastures" I am looking forward to the changes and the challenges of whatever is next but I will miss Holy Savior and all the people for sure. Friday, I missed school because we had a basketball tournament in Virginia. It was experience that will make me better and I will never for it. "Because limits like fears are just an illusion" 

Tyus Battle