Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Basketball Spotlight Summer Slam Schedule

The Basketball Spotlight Summer Slam Grand Championship will take place Sunday, July 31st at Hoop Group Headquarters. This event will determine the Grand Champion for each age group. The schedule for this event is listed below.

Summer Slam Schedule

11U Semifinals
11:00 AM Riverside Hawks vs. Maryland Spartans (CT 1)
11:00 AM We Run vs. Gauchos (CT 2)

12U Semifinals
11:00 AM Team IZOD vs. Team Final (CT 3)
11:00 AM CBC vs. Juice All Stars (CT 4)

13U Semifinals
12:10 PM F.A.C.E.S. vs. Team Scan (CT 1)
12:10 PM Gauchos vs. CT Elite (CT 2)

14U Semifinals
12:10 PM Team Final vs. Team Scan (CT 3)
12:10 PM F.A.C.E.S. vs. Expressions (CT 4)

Championship Games
1:20 PM 11U Championship (CT 4)
1:20 PM 12U Championship (CT 3)
2:30 PM 13U Championship (CT 4)
2:30 PM 14U Championship (CT 3)