Wednesday, July 20, 2011

12U Nationals Day 1 Recap: Top Scoring Guards

Nate Pierre Louis (Team IZOD)

The AAU 12U Nationals kicked off today in Hampton, Virginia and Basketball Spotlight was in the building as promised. We got a chance to watch some new talent and usual suspects. Next, we will take a look at the top scoring guards that got busy.

Day 1 Top Scoring Guards

Nate Pierre Louis (Team IZOD)- CT Elite tried to make things interesting but Pierre Louis stepped up to close the door. The poised scorer loves the stage and showed his outside shot especially from the mid range area. He hurt their heart with some clutch buckets and free throws down the stretch.

Will Dillard (Haywood Elite)- It took only a few moves and I can see what the big fuss is about in Dillard. He’s a big time athlete with breakout ability. In this game he let his team run their offense and concentrated on playing good deny defense. He showed good maturity for a rising 7th Grader.

Quadir Burgess (Philly Freedom Stars)- Burgess didn’t have is best shooting game but his confidence to pull off the dribble from anywhere makes me believe he knows what he’s doing. He is strongly built so he showed effect the game for a few more years.

Shyheim Hicks (CT Elite)- I saw the numbers he posted at the Spotlight events and after watching him I see why. The big guard has a lot of wiggle in his game and the size to finish off drives. Years to come he will learn to cut down his amount of dribbles which will turn him into a better prospect.

Wooshie Sapitan (Indiana Elite)- Wooshie had to be one of the quickest guards I saw today. This southpaw rushed into the lane and finished frequently. He doesn’t waste time with a lot of dribbles but instead attacks like a running back.

Jamell Goulbourne (Top Risers)- Jamell has a ratchet from deep. He shots high arching treys that cut deep to opponents when they drop. I do think he needs to work putting the pill on the floor and creating plays but the good thing is he’s only a 6th Grader so he has time.

Markus Howard (West Coast Elite)- This guard put up one of the best performances of the day. The combo guard scorched the competition for nearly 30 points with deep treys and nice finishes in the lane. He was definitely a nice surprise today.