Monday, July 18, 2011

14U AAU Nationals Update: Bracket Play Begins

Malik Newman (MBA Hoops) and Tavon White (Team Rebels)

Pool play has concluded at the 14U Nationals and Championship Bracket play will begin today. Many of the Spotlight tested teams are headed to the championship field and here’s a breakdown of what’s coming today.

Day 3 Results

Team Rebels (3-0):
Defeated MBA Hoops 64-59
Defeated Nashville Celtics 48-43
Next Game: Dorian’s Pride (3:35 PM)

Team Final (3-0):
Defeated Southern Kings Gold 47-25
Defeated Maryland Finest 57-41
Next Game: MBA Hoops (11:20 AM)

NJ Got Game (2-1):
Lost to Team Texas 64-51
Defeated S. Georgia Kings 55-51
Next Game: Nike Team Florida (9:55 AM)

The City (3-0):
Defeated Savannah Thunder 82-42
Defeated Soldier Elite 77-59
Next Game: Team Sneed (3:35 PM)

Team Scan (3-0):
Defeated Run and Gun 54-45
Defeated M Tropics 60-27
Next Game: RDU United Celtics (9:55 AM)

Fairfax Stars (3-0):
Defeated Minnesota Magic 67-46
Next Game: Cincinnati Knights (8:30 AM)

Montgomery County (2-1):
Defeated Swish City Magic (58-54)
Lost to Chicago Lockdown (56-49)
Next Game: Riverside Hawks (3:35)

F.A.C.E.S. (2-1):
Lost to Worldwide 69-57
Defeated Boo Williams 72-50
Next Game: Philly Aztecs (2:10 PM)

Philly Aztecs (3-0):
Defeated Indiana Thunder (79-60)
Defeated BST All Stars (69-43)
Next Game: F.A.C.E.S. (2:10 PM)

Basketball Spotlight will do our best to give you guys updated on the action in Orlando.