Friday, July 22, 2011

12U Nationals Day 2 Recap: Top Point Guards

Jaecee Martin (CBC)

We are in Day 2 of the 12U Nationals and Basketball Spotlight once again caught the action at the Boo Williams Center. Next, here’s a look at the top point guards that ran the show.

Day 2 Top Point Guards

Jaecee Martin (CBC)- The rest of the country got a taste of Mayweather’s flurry. He was relentless in attacking the defense with wicked crossovers and spin moves. His threw zip passes through the defense while spoon feeding teammates. I have surveyed many of the teams down here and I’m comfortable in saying he’s the #1 point guard in the building.

Imani Starling (Nashville Celtics)- The pint size lefty shows a lot of grit and desire. He isn’t afraid to shoot the big shot or dribble into the teeth of the defense. He doesn’t go for the spectacular play but instead runs the show very steady.

Colin Miller (M.A.T.T.S. Mustangs)- Miller on the other hand loves hitting the home run. When he gets into the lane he prefers the look away pass and I also love his spin move. He’s a very confident ball handler who can also help his team by scoring the ball.

Jordan Poole (Wisconsin Playground)- Poole’s play made things interesting against Delaware PAL. He handled the rock like he had it on the string. He curved up the defense and scored with scooping lay ups.

Silas Nazario (West Virginia Explosion)- Not many guards attack the defense Like Nazario. His quickness is one of his best attributes while also possessing good change of direction and court vision. I like his style.

Keith Deloatch (Delaware PAL)- The strong point guard loves using the crossover snatch back to get past defenders. His strong frame helps him protect the pill and carry defenders. He made his presence felt on both ends of the floor.