Saturday, July 23, 2011

12U Nationals Day 3 Recap: Top Performers Part 2

Aaron Clarke (Team IZOD)

Pool play wrapped up yesterday at the 12U Nationals and Basketball Spotlight was on hand for the action. Here’s our second report of the top performers of the day.

Top Performers Part 2

Aaron Clarke Guard (Team IZOD)- It was Clarke’s time to shine and he took full advantage. He scored from different areas on the floor and showed a high IQ especially when he throws his body into the shot blocker before finishing. He led the team in scoring during their come from behind victory.

Rooner Joseph Forward (Team IZOD)- There might be bigger and better long term prospects but there isn’t a better rebounding forward in this event. Joseph kept his team in the game early by cleaning the glass on both ends and converting an improved turn around shot.

Nate Pierre Louis Guard (Team IZOD)- Nate fought through a intense defensive scheme designed to stop him. It wasn’t his best scoring game but he still managed to put some crucial points on the board. He showed a lot of heart and determination in this contest.

David Kachleries Guard (Team IZOD)- David was a defensive hawk yesterday. He plucked the opposing point guard at least times at half court. On offense he dribbled through their press and made the right decisions down the stretch.

Marvin Wilson Forward (Houston Elite)- Wilson started the game off killing IZOD inside. The wide body forward has good footwork and low post moves for a youngster. He would have been more effective if he didn’t get into foul trouble.

Ricky Nelson Guard (Houston Elite)- The scoring guard isn’t afraid to take the big shot or to take straight to a shot blocker. I like his confidence and his quickness when attacking the gaps.

Chris Giles Forward (Houston Elite)- Giles did a good job denying Pierre Louis the rock. The plan seemed to work until Giles got into foul trouble in the 3rd quarter. I also think he could have used some of that energy on offense. He showed some offensive promise on a few moves late in the game.

Jarred Vanderbilt Forward (Houston Elite)- This kid has a chance to be a special prospect. The long lefty took over the point guard controls when IZOD applied their full court press. He has a deceptive handle and prototype wing body. He runs the floor like a gazelle.