Wednesday, July 20, 2011

12U Nationals Day 1 Recap: Top Forwards

Jatirious Smith (CB Spiders)

The AAU 12U Nationals kicked off today in Hampton, Virginia and Basketball Spotlight was in the building as promised. We got a chance to watch some new talent and usual suspects. Finally, here are the forwards that impressed us the opening day.

Day 1 Top Forwards

Jatirious Smith (CB Spiders)- Smith skills showed why the Spiders are tough to beat. He beat the opposing big man down the floor for several easy buckets. Being that this youngster has guard skills He’s too difficult to slow down in transition which leads to points for his squad. He has a huge impact on the game on this level.

Ronner Joseph (Team IZOD)- Joseph was a rebounding machine today on both ends of the floor. Most players in this class can’t match his motor or intensity right now. He simply outworked the opposition on during their win against CT Elite.

Tyree Montgomery (Indiana Elite)- Tyree has a high ceiling and showed flashes today. He was one of the best athletes I saw today. He’s a quick leaper with developing offensive moves. He looks like one of the next forwards in the Indiana Elite pipeline.

Myles White (Haywood Elite)- White will eventually transform to the wing. But right now he showed decent ups and a good face up game. He was able to roam the baseline and cash in on opportunities.

Cody Bowes (Top Risers)- Bowes threw his weight around in the paint. He scored close to the tin and used his fouls very effectively. He made guards pay dearly for driving down the lane. I also like the way he runs the floor for a gentle giant.

David Baptiste (Top Risers)- David can handle the ball but has a soft floater when facing the cup. His body structure tells me his post days are numbered and we will be reading about him on the wing.