Wednesday, July 20, 2011

12U AAU Nationals Preview: South

The CB Spiders Are Ready To Go

The 12U AAU Nationals is loaded with talent and heavy hitting teams. Basketball Spotlight is currently in Hampton and we will be bringing you exclusive recaps daily. Our final look takes us to the South and here's a look at some of their top teams.

12U Preview: South

CB Spiders: The Spiders ran through the Spotlight CB Spiders Classic, NC State tourney and a few other tournaments. They have several big guards that cause matchup problems. Their versatility can take them deep in this tournament.

NC Rising Prospects: The Prospects possess one of the top post players in the country and a wealth of big tournament experience. They traveled the country this year look for the best bump so they should not be fazed by this atmosphere.

Carolina Flight: The Flight is known by their huge frontline but word has it that they have added a new point guard that can get things going. If this is so then the Flight might cause some raucous in their loaded pool.

M.A.T.T.S. Mustangs: This disciplined group will backdoor you all day. They are well coached and cannot be under estimated. If they get hot from the perimeter it could be a long day for opponents.

Atlanta Celtics: This group is stacked with long, wiry players. When they are on the same page they are capable of blowing anyone out. This bunch is exciting to watch.

Atlanta Knicks: The Knicks are anxious to get back among the national elite. They have a balanced attack with an aggressive style on both ends of the floor. We definitely will check them out today.