Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One On One Feat. Nate "The Great" Pierre Louis (Team IZOD)

Nate Pierre-Louis exploded on the Spotlight scene last season while leading Team Battle to the Team Of The Year Honors and took home the Player Of The Year hardware. This season his team name has changed but the results are still the same. Nate “The Great” has Team IZOD rolling including recently championships at the MIT, AC Showcase and NJ AAU State Tournament. We hollered at the scoring machine and here’s our one on one.

One On One

BS: What are your goals for the season?
NPL: For my team to win the national title, get better and win the Player Of The Year Again Award.

BS: How did you feel about winning the award last season?
NPL: It felt great but I have to continue to work hard and just worry about getting better.

BS: Who’s your favorite player and why?
NPL: Kobe Bryant, I love his killer instinct, work ethic and he keeps a straight face the entire game.

BS: What is the strongest part of your game?
NPL: Scoring and Defense.

BS: What part of your game needs the most work?
NPL: My mental toughness.

BS: What’s your dream college?
NPL: Tennessee or UConn, they both have beautiful campuses, great academics and make the NCAA tournament.

BS: What’s your biggest moment at a Basketball Spotlight event?
NPL: When we defeated CBC in the championship (AC Showcase) and when we beat Cali Styles by two in the Clash For The Cup.

BS: Who’s the toughest player you ever faced?
NPL: I would have to say Jaecee Martin from CBC.

BS: This will be your first year playing in the Super Showcase, what are you goals for that event?
NPL: Well I’m just going to have fun and do what I do.

BS: Who would you love to have dinner with?
NPL: Carmelo Anthony, I would ask him for the secrets that allow him to score so easily.