Friday, April 1, 2011

Basketball Spotlight 12U Midseason Report

We are currently at the mid-point of the Basketball Spotlight season and a lot of interesting things have transpired. Some new players and teams have emerged. Here’s our mid season 12U report.

Basketball Spotlight 12U Midseason Report

Hottest Team: Team IZOD

The MIT and AC Showcase crowns have separated them from the rest of the pack. A Summer Slam Appearance seems certain as well as another date with rival CBC. This time it could be for all the marbles.

Surprise Team: Playtime Panthers

They won the AGame crown and that should be good preparation for the NJ State tournament. This team has some good pieces and is capable of knocking anyone off. We will be keeping an eye on this bunch.

MIA Team: Rising Stars

After the controversy at the MIT this squad seems to have vanished. They have some serious talent and hopefully we will see them back in the mix again. They made things very interesting.

Player Of The Year Front Runner
Nate Pierre Louis (Team IZOD)

After his performance at the AC Showcase he moved closer to clinching another POY trophy. His championship game performance will go down as one of the best clutch performances at Basketball Spotlight. Jaecee Martin also is a name that has to be mentioned for POY.

Surprise Player: Prentiss Hubb (DC Assault)

His play at the Clash For The Cup and AC Showcase has made him a POY candidate. DC Assault should be in good hands the rest of the season with this southpaw driving the ship.

Current POY Candidate List
Jaecee Martin (CBC)
Nate Pierre Louis (Team IZOD)
Ismail Charles (CBC)
Prentiss Hubb (DC Assault)
Raine McKeithon (Maryland Panthers)
Keonte Lucas (CT Elite)
Endel Sanchez (CT Elite)
Aaron Clarke (Team IZOD)
Tyler Bourne (Juice All Stars)
Chris Coalman (Juice All Stars)
David Kachleries (Team IZOD)
Sa’eed Nelson (Team Final)
Iyaire Hinson (Team Nelson)