Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Diary Of A Baller: Isaiah "Boogie" Briscoe (Team Scan, Playaz) Entry #2

Monday, I went to school a little tired after my long weekend at the Playaz Club Spring Fling. I played 15U and had a good weekend. We lost in the championship but I made the All Tournament Team. In Science Class Mrs. Pierre Louis (Nathaniel’s mom) gave us our test scores. I got a B and an A+. After school I went to my friend backyard to play basketball until 9 when I returned home to complete my homework.

Tuesday, I was happy during second period because I received 2 A+ scores on my recent math tests. I was proud of myself because both test were hard but and I had to study a lot. At lunch time my dad text me and told me that Coach McCleod from St. Benedicts was leaving the school. I was so disappointed I couldn’t finish my lunch. After school I went to Playaz 15U practice to get ready for Boo Williams. The next morning I went to school and did what I had to do to make sure I was cleared to go to Boo Williams.

Thursday, we had a lot of fun at school. After school I went to my final tune up practice with the Playaz 15U for Boo Williams. After that I headed to open gym and stayed there until 10 o’clock. That night I went home, took a shower and went straight to sleep. I forgot to do my homework because I knew I wasn’t going to school the next day (smile).

Friday, we were on our way to Boo Williams and I was excited to play with my boys again. Our first game we lost to Chris Paul All Stars by 4. We should have won but I must say they have a very good point guard. I had 17 points and no turnovers. After the game we went back to the hotel and I chilled with my boys Corrie, Nas and Rashard. We hit the pool and had a good time.

Saturday, we played Albany City Rocks at 8 o’clock. We played good and beat them. I had about 7 assists (shiny dimes). Then we went to watch our older team play against Texas Titans. It was a hot game but Kyle, Darrick, Savon and Nev stepped up and we came out with the win.

Sunday, we didn’t do much. We lost to Team Melo after blowing a 15-1 lead. After that we went to watch our 16’s loss by 1 to Chris Paul All Stars but our 17’s clapped Indy Speice by 20 in the EYBL League.

Special Shout Out To: Korrie, Kavon and Deandre they are too funny.