Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Diary Of A Baller: Isaiah "Boogie" Briscoe (Team Scan, Playaz) Entry #4

Monday, I didn’t go to school so after my mom got off we went to handle some business and spend more of my birthday money. Later on I went to play basketball at a local gym to just get some shots up then I went home to pack for this weekend’s tournament. The next day I went to school and received my math test score and it was all good. My next stop was to my friend backyard to get it in on the court. Then I went to work at my mom’s store before going shopping at Walmart for groceries.

Wednesday, I didn’t go to school so I went to work out with Scott Adubato and some of the Playaz family. We had fun at the workout and I ended up at an open gym with Trev and Dre. The rest of the week I stayed at Trev’s house and played NBA 2K (I AM THE CHAMP). The next morning Trev’s mom made us some good breakfast. After we ate we went to play basketball at the park, city sports, and Teaneck high. After playing we went back to Trev’s house with a couple of his friends, watched the game and ordered some pizza. Friday we woke up and went straight over to Derek’s house where we play ball and hung out with some of his girls. After that we went back to Trev’s house and ate before we went on the road to Nike Easter Invitational in Hampton, Va. We got down there around 2 AM of course we didn’t go to sleep to about 3.

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