Saturday, April 16, 2011

Baby Baller Bonanza Day 1 Recap: 11U Top Performers Part 2

Rob Higgins (Natural Ballers)

The Baby Baller Bonanza kicked off today in Lakewood and the talent was in the building. Here’s our breakdown of the top 11U players that got busy.

11U Top Performers Part 2

Rob Higgins Guard (Natural Ballers)- Higgins squad lost both games but his play was outstanding. He has a lot of wiggle in his game and can score from anywhere on the floor. I like how he changes his shot in mid air to avoid shot blockers. I also like the flavor in his game.

Shelton Applewhite Forward (We Run)- Applewhite came to life in the second game against the Natural Ballers. He operated on the baseline while using his quickness to finish at the tin. He has good spin moves and a feathery touch.

Dorian Hardy Forward (We Run)- Hardy worked hard on the glass on the weak side. He kept the ball alive and caused the other squad to get into foul trouble. On defense he made his presence felt by altering shots.

Rashod Liggon Guard (Natural Ballers)-
Liggon has unbelievable range and confidence. He launched a couple of shots well past the NBA 3 point line. You also can’t sleep on his ball handling ability.

Trevor Covey Forward (NJ Shore Shots)- Covey was a monster on the blocks he posted deep and scored at will in their win versus Natural Ballers. He already understands that he must keep the ball high when making his moves. He tallied 13 points.

Alex Bajohr Guard (NJ Shore Shots)- The slick point guard went to work against NB. He raced the rock up the floor and squeezed through gaps in the defense before converting. He finished with a game high 15 markers.