Monday, February 3, 2020

The Basketball Spotlight Clash For The Cup 8th Grade Top Performers Part 3

Dwayne Pierce

The Basketball Spotlight Clash For The Cup 8th Grade Division was loaded. Here’s our final look at the top performers. 

Basketball Spotlight Clash For The Cup 8th Grade Top Performers Part 3 

Dwayne Pierce Guard (Rising Stars NY) – Pierce is stat stuffer combo guard that can do anything on the court. He plays with such maturity and he sees the game way ahead of the defense. He can score from all three levels, but he also can be the primary ball handler and make plays for his teammates. We love his demeanor and approach to the game. He has a high school ready frame and he will be an asset for the High School that he chooses. We believe he has a bright future in basketball and will be a major college recruit with continued dedication and hard work.

Gioacchino Panzini Forward (NJ Shoreshots) – Panzini is a wing forward with good size. His strength is knocking down the 3 ball which is very important in today’s game. We liked that he has no hesitation once he caught the ball behind the arc. He could also drive to the basket if the defender closed out. He was instrumental in almost knocking off the talented NJ Scholars team.
Jermaine McNeil Guard (NJ Shoreshots) – Jermaine is a crafty lefty point guard that controls the pace of the game for his Shoreshots team. He makes very good decisions getting his teammates the ball in scoring position. He can also break down his man and get to the basket. McNeil can also keep the defense honest and knock down the open three pointer. He almost engineered and upset against the NJ Scholars.
Sincere Henderson Guard (Riverside Hawks) – Henderson is a 7th grader that was playing up a grade division, but you couldn’t tell.  He was the primary ball handler for his Hawks team controlling the pace of the game for his team.  He also had a good handle which allowed him to navigate the floor and pick his spots to score.
Jahmire Brewer Forward (Riverside Hawks) – Brewer is a power forward that was very productive for his team. He scored around the basket and rebounded at a high level. He was a matchup problem because he was strong and had good size and had the ability to get good position in the paint making him difficult to defend. He scored 13 points in the game we watched.
Angel Zabala Forward (Riverside Hawks) – Zabala is more a prospect than a finished product at this point in his development. He stood out on the court with his elite size for a forward in the 8th grade. He movements were fluid and he looks like he will grow more. Right now, he is effective on defense clogging up the paint, rebounding and blocking shots. As he develops more on the offensive end, he will be tough to deal with. We liked he knocked down all 4 of his free throws when he got to the line.