Monday, February 10, 2020

Delaware Explosion 5th Grade Top Performers

Dwayne Ruffin

Basketball Spotlight took a trip to the Delaware Explosion event to check out the top talent from the First State. Here’s a look at the 5th Grade Division standouts. 

Delaware Explosion 5th Grade Top Performers 

Dwayne Ruffin Guard (We R 1 Future)- Ruffin put on a spectacular performance in terms of scoring and dishing out the rock. Ruffin also dominates a game on the defensive end by pressing the rock and causing turnovers. He poured in a game high 15 points. Dwayne’s one of the top players in the class period.

Da’Shawn Holden Guard (We R 1 Future)- Defensive beast for 94 feet. Holden pressures the rock and is capable of ripping most ball handlers. Offensively, he carved his way to the cup when the opportunity presented itself.
Zion Redic Forward (We R 1 Future)- The big fella was on cruise control during this event but I saw some good attributes in his game. He has good footwork and touch in the paint. I can see him transitioning to the wing very soon.
Jahkeem Carroll Guard (We R 1 Future)- Carroll can stroke it from deep and isn’t afraid to pull it at all. He showed good poise with seeing the floor and playing defense. I like the speed and tenacity he brings to the game.
Jeff Harrison Guard (We R 1 Future)- Harrison has the total package with the swag to match. His handle is crazy and he can score or dish the rock. Keep an eye on this kid.
Azjuan Matthews Forward (Del. Elite)- The lefty was the leading scorer for the losing team. He got a few buckets in the lane and along the baseline. I see a lot of potential in his game.
Aizyon Matthews Forward (Del. Elite)- The other Matthews is also a southpaw and a nice upside when operating on the post. I would like to see how he progresses in the future.