Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Basketball Spotlight Clash For The Cup 6th Grade Top Performers Part 3

Munir Greig 

The Basketball Spotlight Clash For The Cup 6th Grade Division produced a new champion. Here’s our last look at the Top Performers. 

Basketball Spotlight Clash For The Cup 6th Grade Top Performers Part 3 

Munir Greig Forward (Philly Hurricanes)- At every Basketball Spotlight event you will find an under the radar prospect. Greig is just that, a long point forward with a high upside. He was very fluid with the ball in his hands showing off his nice handle and high-level decision making. His best days on the hardwood are ahead of him.

Javion Cesar-Jones Guard (NJ Rivals)- Cesar-Jones is a big point guard that controls the offense for his squad. He has a good handle which allows him to navigate the floor and get to his spots. He uses hid size to see over the defense and find looks for his teammates. Javion can knock down the 3 ball or score at the rim.
Tyler Hammond Guard (NJ Rivals)- Tyler is a combo guard that has a scorer’s mentality. He has a good handle and likes to attack the rim in the half court or in transition. He also has a good stroke behind the arc as he knocked down a few triples in the game we saw.
Isaiah Gore Guard (NJ Rivals)- Gore caught fire on day one against Riverside Hawks. The combo guard came out inspired especially from 3 point range nailing 3 treys on his way to 13 points. He played with supreme confidence in this one.
Braedon Trakovski Forward (KSK)- Braedon is a stretch four that can knockdown the 3 ball and also do work around the basket. He rebounds on both ends of the floor and is a matchup problem because of his ability to step out onto the perimeter. In the game we watched he had 15 points including 3 treys.
Camryn Vick Guard (KSK)- Vick was his team’s primary guard. He plays fast and is always going downhill. We saw him it the defender with a nasty crossover and finish with a floater. He also rebounds his position well and locks up on defense.
Ethan Mgbako Forward (KSK)- Ethan is a big forward that controls the paint for his squad. He rebounds at a high level and finishes at the rim. We also like that he can push the rock after cleaning the glass and making lead passes for easy buckets.