Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Basketball Spotlight Clash For The Cup 7th Grade Top Performers Part 1

Judah Hidalgo

The Basketball Spotlight Clash For The Cup 7th Grade Division showed us some top talent. Here’s our first look at the Top Performers from this grade level. 

Basketball Spotlight Clash For The Cup 7th Grade Top Performers 

Judah Hidalgo Guard (Team Final)- Judah erupted in the finals versus NJ Playaz. The big guard had it clicking from all three levels. He absorbed contact as he scored in traffic, drained the trey ball and created plays. He finished with 25 markers in the championship including 3 treys. When he’s hitting like this few teams will be able to defeat Team Final.

Olin Chamberlain Guard (Team Final)- Chamberlain was another high scoring guard for TF over the weekend. In the beginning he displayed his power game while carrying defenders to the cup, then he showed his outside stroke by nailing three treys versus Monroe Crusaders. Chamberlain plays with a mean streak.
Kiev Rucker Guard (Team Final)- Rucker helped out in the scoring column. He played the role as the third scorer. He started out the tournament scoring 12 markers in their pool win over semi-finalist NJ Shore Shots. He plays a nice role alongside Hidalgo and Chamberlain.
Shawn Spencer Guard (NJ Playaz)- Shawn has a lot of wiggle in his game and excels in the open floor. He’s a tough shot maker and finisher. He lives to get into the lane while attacking the cup relentlessly. He had a good weekend and dropped 13 points in a big showdown vs NJ Scholars.
Austin Spencer Guard (NJ Playaz)- The other Spencer has more size but still plays in attack mode. I like his game combined with size which looks like the total package at times. He was able to get anywhere he wanted on the floor and convert. He started out the tournament with a 15-point outburst.
Ronald Richardson Forward (NJ Playaz)- Richardson operated inside for the NJ Playaz. He can get buckets in the paint or along the baseline. He has a wide frame but very nimble on his feet with a soft touch. He scored 14 points in the finals loss to TF.
Tyler McQuaid Guard (NJ Playaz)- McQuaid is a pure shooter and not afraid to let it go. He showed his stroke over the weekend while stretching the defense. In the finals he finished with 9 markers.