Friday, February 15, 2019

Diary Of A Baller: Elliot Cadeau (West Orange, NJ) Entry #7

Elliot Having Fun!


Basketball World. My week was fun and competitive. 

During the weekdays I worked really hard in preparation for session 3 of the tournament coming up called “MADE Hoops.” I directed most of my workouts towards my legs to get them stronger and help me in the games coming up. On the basketball side, I put up a lot of 3 pointers more than anything else. During the week I trained a lot and I got to train even more because I was ahead in my school work. We had no IZOD practices during the week so I only worked out during school time. Monday-Friday was fun and I worked hard. 

On Saturday morning we drove down to Maryland. I had my first game in Session 3 of MADE Hoops at 1:45 pm. The first game was against the #1 seed in our pool and they were undefeated. Right at the beginning of the game one of the starters and my classmate, Akil Watson, got injured on a dunk attempt and fractured a bone, so he was out for the whole tournament. Without him we knew it would be hard to win but we gave it our all and worked hard to win that game. I finished with 18 points. 

The next game was late so after the game, we went to go check in the hotel that we were staying in. I had time to rest a little and of course eat so I got energy for the next game. Then, we went back to the gym and I watched some of my friends play. I like hanging out in the gym at tournaments like this and watch all my friends play. 

After, it was time for my next game. We played BWSL Dreamchasers and we beat them by 6 points. Then, I went back to the hotel and went to sleep. On Sunday we only had 1 game against BWSL Mock and we beat them. We finished the session 3-0 and that pushed our record up to 8-1 throughout the whole tournament. We finished our pool as the number 1 seed and will be playing in the championship weekend on March 2nd. 

Our second game of the day got canceled so we jumped in the car and drove straight back up to NJ so I could make the 7:30 pm IZOD practice. We just made it in time! I was beat and banged up and wasn’t really sure how I would have energy to practice but luckily for me we it was a film session. Coach Brian had us watch one of the last Bball Spotlight games. I learned a lot, for example when I get tired I make unforced turnovers so I need to work on my stamina for the next tournament. 

Elliot - out