Monday, February 19, 2018

What Did We Learn At The Clash For The Cup?

The Clash For The Cup is in the books and it was a great event. It also gave us the chance to learn a few things about after this event. 

 What Did We Learn At The Clash For The Cup?

Team Thrill Is Real! 

Every so often a team comes along that catches our attention because of their style and pure domination. During the Clash For The Cup that team was Team Thrill based out of Baltimore, MD. Thrill punished most of their opponents all weekend with their smothering defense and explosive offensive style. They mercy ruled all but one opponent before cruising to the crown. If there’s a better 8th Grade team in America please point them out. Coach Mookie’s crew have joined the land of elite in terms of nicknames. Introducing Team Thrill AKA Legion Of Dome (LOD).

Garden State Is Guard Crazy! 

After looking over my notes from the Clash it came to my attention that the NJ Class of 2022 is loaded with high level guards. The NJ Bulldogs possess Jaquan Harris, Corey Floyd and Joe Baskerville, NJ Playaz send out talented duo Will Richardson and Desean Lecque. Team Rio Brings Jayden Pierre and Ben Roy to the table while the NY Rens showcase super guard Zion Cruz and Denver Anglin. It seems like the Garden State will be in good hands for years to come.

NY Gauchos Chasing Greatness! 

The Gauchos 6th Grade crew has won the Tip Off Classic and Clash For The Cup. They have gone undefeated through both events which is significant because no team has ever gone through the entire Spotlight circuit without taking a least one loss. The Atlantic City Showcase, Memorial Day Classic and Grand Finale stands in their way of greatness. Will the Choz run the table?
DMV Showing Dominance! 

During the Clash For The Cup it was evident that the DMV area had some dominant teams. They won the 7th Grade (Team Durant) and 8th Grade (Team Thrill) championships. While also impressing us with the play of Team Loaded and New World. The area is loaded with serious talent for teams and players. You can put this area up against any around the country right now.