Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Diary Of A Baller: Jaquan Harris (North Brunswick, NJ) Entry #3

Jaquan Harris

Hello Bballspotlight World, 

It’s Jaquan Harris and I’m Back with Week 3 of my Diary Of A Baller. Here’s how my week went. 

Monday: I woke up at 6:00 like usual getting ready for school. I had to be focused because next week I have exams and I have to good on it there’s no other option. The school day was one of the days that I really had to work hard and make sure I understood everything that I was being told. So, when I got home I studied until I had to go to boxing at 7:00. I ended the day with my family watching basketball as usual. 

Tuesday: Once I got to school I did what I had to do and got to class. I’m more familiar with what I’m doing in all of my classes. So, I got through the day on track. After school my dad thought I needed a day or two to rest but luckily my little brother had a travel game. It’s always good to watch him play because he always comes to my games but I never have time to make it to his. It’s crazy how advanced he is compared kids in his grade. It’s great to watch. 

Wednesday: Today I took the day off from working out and basketball training again. But this day was important for me. My dad was talking to me about high school next year and what he thinks is the best place for me to go or what he thought I should do. We had a long conversation about it, we even called my big brother to get his input on what he thinks I should do. Next year I know I’m going to be ready and I’m going to work harder than whoever is in front of me no matter what school I go to. 

Thursday: The whole school day my high school decision was going through my mind. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. But I know I’m going to end up making the right choice, it’s going to take a lot of thought but I can’t wait to decide. I worked out for two hours with my trainer and he gave his input on high school decision. I took what he said into consideration and I’m going to think about it. 

Friday: In school everyone was talking about the trade deadline coming up and what teams are going to do. Since I take basketball seriously that’s all we talk about during the day. My favorite player is Lebron so I was wondering what was going to happen with the Cavs since they were struggling for a while. They ended up making a big change by trading 6 players and receiving 4. I knew it was going to make a change. I like Lebron so much because he just leads his teams regardless of where he plays at. He can make the worst team in the NBA one of the best just because how he makes everyone around him better. I try to take his leadership and apply it to my game. Including his ability to see the floor. 

Saturday: My little brother had games so I wasn’t able to train a lot like I usually do but at least I got to watch my brother again. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t doing anything to improve my game. I was ball handling in my basement for like an hour and did my push-ups I usually do every day and called it a night. 

Sunday: Today I only trained for an hour just trying to get some shots up before the weekend is over. There was a big NBA game Cavs vs Celtics so I had to see it. Everyone was going to be able to see what the new Cavs players were going to do. The Cavs ended up winning by 20. The next day every Celtics fan was going to have to hear my voice all day.