Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Diary Of A Baller: Jaquan Harris (North Brunswick, NJ) Entry #4

Jaquan And Friends

What’s Up Basketball Spotlight World, It’s Jaquan Harris and I’m back with my Diary Of A Baller. Here’s how my week went. 

Monday: I came off a good weekend now it’s time to get back to work. In the morning I got ready for school and did my push-ups like I usually do. Once I got to school I had to focus because my exams started Wednesday. Before I knew it, school was done and once I got home I had to go to the gym in about an hour, so I just studied until it was time to leave. I went to boxing at 6:00 then went straight to my basketball trainer at 7:30 and still got my 2 hours in with him. 

Tuesday: The day went by quick. I just worked out for a little bit and studied as much as I could. But at night my brother played Michigan St. which was top 3 in the country at the time so it was a good game to watch and study whenever there’s two good teams I can learn from I always watch. 

Wednesday: Today I got deeper into what I’m going to do for high school and thinking about what I think will be there best place for me to go. Basically, just listing the schools and thinking about how I can get ready and prepared myself to play at a varsity level next basketball season at whatever school I go to. 

Thursday: I had exams today so I had to be awake and ready. I took Math and English and I knew I did good on both of them because I prepared myself throughout the week. Since I get out of school early when I take exams I went to the gym with my dad to work out a little bit before I had training later on. We lifted some weights and just had to get used to doing different types of workouts repeatedly. 

Friday: It was the last day of exams and the last day of school before a long weekend since I didn’t have school next week. I had to just get through these games exams and focus and I’ll be okay. The first exam was way easier than the second one I took Science first then World History. I feel good about both. After school I had practice for my AAU team and it was good to see everyone and go at it like we do at every practice. Around 9:30 I went to the movies with two of my close friends to see Black Panther on the day it came out. It was hands down one of the best movies I saw in a while. 

Saturday: My training is in the morning so I got that done early and had the rest of the day to myself. My little brother had an All-Star game in the North Brunswick Travel League, I was excited to go because I played in the same league at the same place early in my basketball career. It was cool to watch my little brother put in work at his age and see all the old coaches that coached me and everyone who used to watch me play as a kid. 

Sunday: My AAU team NJ Bulldogs had tryouts for 9th, 10th and 11th grade. I went because I’m going to be playing on the 10th grade team this year. I can get ready for high school by playing against experience high school players during the whole summer. It was fun and challenging. During the tryouts I showed myself I can play with players who lead their teams at the PG position at their own high schools. I saw my teammates from last year and it was cool to see who improved and how good we’re going to be this year.