Thursday, February 1, 2018

Diary Of A Baller: Jaquan Harris (North Brunswick, NJ) Entry #1

Jaquan Harris

Welcome to week one Diary of a Baller of Jaquan Harris. First of all, I want to thank Mike Melton of bballspotlight for giving me the opportunity to share my grind and weekly experiences. My name Jaquan Harris I’m from North Brunswick, New Jersey I’m in the class of 2022, I currently go to The Patrick school in Hillside, New Jersey. I’m a 6’3 PG that currently plays for the NJ Bulldogs. I’ve been playing basketball since I was four and it been my life ever since. 

Monday: Monday was MLK day which meant no school, it was also my big brothers birthday (Jamir Harris) my family and I headed to Penn State to watch brother play Minnesota vs Penn State. It was a four hour drive it killed me, we made the best of the ride. It was special game because it was my brothers first start so it was a special game for him and for us to witness it. We had great seat court side we into the action as much as he was. He took on the challenge they got the win and overtime he ended up with 16 points and it was a great experience to share with my family for me to witness. 

Tuesday: I woke up at 6:00 I did 100 push-ups before school that always helps to get me mentally ready for my day. By 7:30 we are out the door, my ride to school is 40 minutes but it is well worth the 40 minutes. My school day is smooth after school I go right training I usually workout with my trainer Erick Myrick for 2 or more which is the best trainer in New Jersey hands down. I come home and watched Kyrie and the Celtics play the Pelicans it was very close game throughout every quarter. 

Wednesday: My normal daily routine repeats. Wednesday a few friends and I that were already close ended up making a group chat with all of which is 6 players that love the game of basketball in the class of 2022. We all know we will one day be great high school players, and great college players as well as long the grind don’t stop. We thought of group name that can represent all of us. The group is called “22BGFam” it stands for 2022 Bucket Getters. In crew it includes Dior Johnson, Zion Cruz, Dariq Whitehead, Justice Williams, Jameel Brown, Dasean Lecque. We all hold it down on our teams being leaders. Just know that we are all looking to take this year by storm and know that we will be successful in what we trying to do. We’re going to BLOW UP!!! 

Thursday: Same routine happens. I went school but I had to leave early so I can drive to Maryland with my family and I. To go watch my big brother play there Big-10 match up Maryland University. The game was outstanding and the atmosphere was crazy. It gave me a feeling I never had before and just made me wanted to work harder so one I day I can play on the same stage. It was good game another great experience watching Big-10 basketball in person Minnesota lost to Maryland but they fought hard. 

Friday: This day was very important it was the day before Bballspotlight Clash For The Cup. I knew there was going to be great competition so I had to be ready. As soon as I got home from school that was all I could think about it felt like the day was moving slow. My dad and I were sitting it the house at about 8:45 PM and decided to go shoot before game day. We ended shooting 500 shots before we left the gym. We stayed so long janitor had to kick us out. Then the night felt longer than how it was when I got home from school. I couldn’t go to sleep because I was so anxious to play. 

Saturday: It was the big game I played at 5:20 PM and 7:40 PM because the games were so late the day was going by slow it was getting me hyped for the games. I watched a lot of games at home on Baller Tv. That just made me even more anxious seeing all the close games. Once it was time and my mom drove to Neptune, New Jersey to the Hoop Group Headquarters where the games we being held. Our first game was against well known Team IZOD, we had to get this win it was a in state rivalry even though IZOD was more known than us we had the better team. We started off slow it was a defensive game both offenses weren’t clicking. We started to get going in the second half and began to pull away. I played a great game which caught eyes of people watching to know who my team is and what I can do. Next game was Team Melo this game was a little shaky for me in the first half I only had 6 points in the first half but my teammates and I were all playing well. But the second half I played way better I ended up with 18 points. We got the win and left the gym 2-0. 

Sunday: This was the big Championship Sunday our last game in pool was against powerhouse New World. New World has a very good team they were bigger than us but we didn’t back down. We took on the challenge, this was the best defensive game we had all year. We held them to 16 points in the first half. I was dominating scoring, rebounding, leading the team. It was a hard-fought game it took a lot of heart, teamwork to beat a team like that, but came out with the W. Now we advanced to the Final 4. Our next opponent was Team Thrill which is the #1 ranked team in the country. We knew that this was going to be one of the biggest games this year for us and we were going to play hard no matter what. This was a statement game so we can show that we can hang with whoever we play. Thrill came out smoking but so did we, it was a close game and a hard-fought game through every quarter. They were making us work for every point we got and we were doing the same. I ended the game with 23 points which was the hardest game I played throughout the tournament I hit four 3’s that game. That game was a big game for me with the other team having multiple ranked players and I am one myself so it was a good match up. I know that the other team or whoever watching knows I can hold my own no matter who I am facing. The end result was a loss but we fought, we’re going to see them again and we will be ready for them trust and believe. 

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