Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale Point Totals Update!

The Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale is back. This exclusive event will bring together to Top 4 point recipients in each grade division. Teams receive points by their placement in the Basketball Spotlight events. Below is the point total list after the Tip Off Classic. The Grand Finale will take place June 23rd and 24th and he winner of each division will win Custom Uniforms Courtesy of AGame Team Apparel. 

Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale Point Totals 

8th Grade Points 
Riverside Hawks (7 Points) 
Team Loaded (7 Points) 
Team Thrill (5 Points) 
NJ Bulldogs (5 Points) 
NJ Playaz (5 Points) 
New Heights (4 Points) 
Team Final (3 Points) 
NY Gauchos (3 Points) 
We R 1 (3 Points) 

7th Grade Points 
New Heights (7 Points) 
Riverside Hawks (7 Points) 
Team Thrill (5 Points) 
Team Durant (5 Points) 
Middletown Finest (5 Points) 
NJ Playaz (4 Points) 
Team IZOD (4 Points) 
Philly Triple Threat (3 Points) 

6th Grade Points 
NY Gauchos Orange (10 Points) 
Jersey City Boys And Girls Club (7 Points) 
Fidonce Basketball (7 Points) 
Riverside Hawks (5 Points) 
Playtime Panthers (4 Points) 
Rising Stars Elite (4 Points) 
NJ Bulldogs (3 Points) 
NY Gauchos Black (3 Points) 

5th Grade Points 
NY Gauchos Croft (8 Points) 
Silverback Nationals (7 Points) 
NY Gauchos Mitchell (6 Points) 
Team Durant (5 Points) 
King Street Kings (5 Points) 
Philly Triple Threats (3 Points) 
845 Elite (3 Points) 
NY Rens (3 Points) 

4th Grade Points 
Riverside Hawks Blue (7 Points) 
Riverside Hawks (3rd) (6 Points) 
New World (5 Points) 
NY Rens (4 Points) 
Philly Triple Threat (4 Points) 
Team Takeover (3 Points) 
Maryland Wizards (3 Points)