Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Diary Of A Baller: Adrissa Troare (Harlem, NY) Final Entry

Adrissa Throws It Down!

Hey Basketball World!! 

My week started off with concentrating on my school work. I had a history midterm and I think I did very well. I studied a lot over the weekend so I am looking forward to seeing my grade. After school, I had a school game, I didn't really score but I was getting my teammates in involved and we won the game. 

On Tuesday, had a normal day at school nothing much going on, but after school I had a school game, we played well I had about 8-9 blocks and got the W. We're undefeated, I am confident we can win it all. 

On Wednesday, we had a half-day at school. So I went to go play basketball in the park and I had a good time. 

On Thursday, I didn't go to school because the blizzard, I think there was 8 inches of snow so I stayed home all day babysitting my siblings. We were watching movies and having fun. I haven't played with them in while because I've been studying, working out or playing so it was good to get that tine in with them. Without their support, it would be so much harder to succeed. They really motivate me and support me all the time and they will always be there. 

This weekend, my PSA Cardinals team and I had 3 games in a tournament this weekend. Our goal was to go 3-0. We first played New Jersey Playaz, we played very well, especially on defense. We were determined. Our second game we played Connecticut select and we continued to play well, moving the ball and playing defense. 

Our third game was on Sunday against Team Final. It was an early game which I hate and it was every cold but it is what it is and we had to man up. Team Final played well but we were determined to end our last session undefeated and we're able to get the W. This weekend was a great weekend for my team and me. Coach Greg always talks about setting short term and long term goals and we accomplished our short term goal of going undefeated this weekend and looking forward to accomplishing a long term goal for the year of winning this tournament. 

I just want to say thanks to everyone who followed my diary thus far and thank you to BBALLSPOTLIGHT for giving me this opportunity to share my life with all of you.